Kia Motors Finance Repossession Policy and Process

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Because Kia Motors Finance considers possible repossessions on an individual basis, the company does not have a standard repossession policy.

Kia Motors Finance doesn’t publicly disclose details about repossessions and will only discuss specifics with current customers.

However, customer service representatives told us that if you are unable to make a payment on time or if you’ve already missed a payment, you should contact Kia Motors Finance at (866) 331-5632 as quickly as possible. In some cases, you may be able to defer payment for up to one month.

We were told that if you need to know how many payments you can miss before Kia Motors Finance repossesses your car, you can find this information in your purchase agreement. You can also contact a representative at the number above for details specific to your account.

Repossession Process

Although the company does not disclose its exact repossession procedures, customer service representatives stated that Kia Motors Finance adheres to state laws and regulations for vehicle repossession.

Representatives said that the company will attempt to contact the customer by phone and warn them of possible repossession before it initiates recovery procedures. However, consumers on various internet forums and review sites frequently cite communication issues with Kia Motors Finance’s customer service departments.

The representatives we spoke with did not confirm the exact number of times the company will call with warnings.

Keep in mind that some states will allow creditors to pursue repossession immediately after you default on your contract, which can be as soon as the first missed payment.

Recovering a Car After Repossession

It is possible to recover your car after repossession by Kia Motors Finance, customer service representatives said.

To get your vehicle back, you will have to bring all your payments current on the car and pay any fees resulting from the repossession, including late fees, towing fees, storage fees, and the initial repossession fee.

Representatives for Kia Motors Finance were unable to disclose any standard amounts for these fees because they are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

More Information

For information on the repossession policies for other major auto brands, see our research on GM Financial, Toyota Financial, and Chrysler Capital.

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  • Robert Martin

    My Kia was repossessed back in Nov 2023. Collection dept called me on Mon, Nov 6 and warned me about “potential” repossession that week. I stated I will call with payment and they gave me till Friday. They picked up my Kia Sportage on Wednesday morning. I paid all the late payments and repossession fee ($450) and retrieved my car back on Nov 10. Paid my regular payment in Dec and then got hit with another repossession fee of $450 in January 2024. As livid as I was, called Kia finance and they stated I didn’t pay the fee in Nov 2023. No notice, no statement about what I paid for in Nov and now I’m back in collections bcuz of this fee. And not one representative can help me.

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