Does Plato’s Closet Buy Swimsuits/Bathing Suits? Answered

Short Answer: Some Plato’s Closet store locations buy swimsuits — but typically only if they are new with the tags attached. About half of the stores we contacted said that they buy swimsuits. For more details on Plato’s Closet’s policy regarding bathing suits, see below.

Does Plato’s Closet Buy Swimsuits/Bathing Suits?

Some Plato’s Closet stores buy bathing suits. Plato’s Closet is a franchise, meaning stores are individually owned and operated. There is no companywide policy on swimsuits, so we called store locations in Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee to find out about individual store policies.

Half of the stores that we contacted said that they do not accept swimwear, sleepwear, or undergarments; this includes one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, bras, nightgowns, and lingerie. Plato’s Closet typically does not take sleepwear or undergarments even at locations where it does buy swimwear.

The other half of the stores we contacted said that they do take swimsuits, but we were told that they have strict guidelines for swimwear. For example, store associates at several stores said bathing suits must be new with the tags still attached. Some stores also require swim bottoms to have the disposable liner still intact. And, Plato’s Closet typically only accepts complete sets, so you probably won’t be able to sell a swim top or bottom separately.

To find out if your nearest Plato’s Closet takes bathing suits, contact the store directly.

If you purchased items from Plato’s Closet and they aren’t a good fit, see our article on the Plato’s Closet return policy. For more on where to sell clothes, see our article on the best resale shops. You can also sell your used clothing online.

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