Exeter Finance Repo Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Exeter Finance generally begins car repossession procedures 80 days after a missed payment, but it handles all repossessions individually. If Exeter Finance repossesses your car, you may be able to get it back by making all back payments and paying the associated fees.

Exeter Finance Repossession Policy

Exeter Finance does not publicize much information about its repossession policies. However, we spoke with customer service representatives at Exeter Finance, who told us that the company will generally begin repossession procedures after two consecutive missed payments.

The representatives also told us that Exeter Finance typically handles repossessions on a case-by-case basis, depending on the customer’s specific loan agreement and payment history with the company.

Exeter Finance begins contacting customers by phone and email after the first missed payment. Representatives were unable to share how many times Exeter Finance would attempt to contact a customer before physically repossessing the vehicle.

If you think you may be late on your upcoming payments, you should contact Exeter Finance immediately. If eligible, you may be granted an extension.

Be aware interest will still accrue and this will prolong payments by the length of the extension. You can find out if you’re eligible by calling (800) 321-9637.[1]

Additionally, keep in mind that how quickly Exeter Finance repossesses your car will depend on where you live and the state laws regarding repossession.

Recovering a Car After Repossession

You may be able to get your car back after Exeter Finance repossesses it, but this ability will vary based on your loan agreement and payment history.

In most cases, you will need to make all missed payments along with any associated fees — including late fees, towing, storage, and processing fees — to reinstate your loan and have your vehicle returned.

Depending on your specific contract and loan terms, however, you may have to pay the full balance of the car loan to get your car back after Exeter Finance repossesses it.

Note that several customer reports on the Better Business Bureau website have indicated problems with excessive fees, issues making and receiving payments, misapplication of loan payments, and issues with paying off the loan in full while working with Exeter Finance.

More Information

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