Great Clips Bad Haircut Policy: Redo & Refund Options Explained

Logo sign on the outside of a Great Clips salon

Great Clips handles haircut complaints on a case-by-case basis, customer service representatives told us.

If you have a haircut complaint, you should be sure to voice it early on, and your stylist may pass your complaint along to their manager.

Great Clips does not have a companywide policy for handling customer complaints about bad haircuts.

We contacted salons to speak with stylists and managers in Florida, California, and Texas to find out more about how individual salons handle these types of complaints.

Fixing Your Hair

Generally, if you’re unsatisfied with your haircut and it can be fixed, your stylist will do so at no extra charge.

If your hair can’t be fixed right away (e.g., hair is too short or the wrong color), your complaint will likely go to the manager, who will decide the best way to handle it.

Some salons told us that if they’re unable to fix your hair, they’ll offer a voucher or gift card for your next visit.


The Great Clips representatives we spoke with were hesitant to discuss refunding haircuts. To prevent exploitation, the company does not offer a satisfaction guarantee or claim to refund all poor haircuts. (It does offer a guarantee for products.)

However, the Great Clips managers we spoke with assured us that stylists do their best to make clients happy, so you may be able to negotiate a full or partial refund.

Alternatives to Great Clips

If you’d prefer to go somewhere else for your next haircut, see our research on how Great Clips compares to Supercuts and Sport Clips.

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