How Much Does Once Upon a Child Pay for Clothes? Answered

Exterior of a Once Upon a Child store

Short Answer — Once Upon a Child resells children’s items at around 70% off retail prices. It buys used items for about 30% to 40% of the resale price. That means for accepted items, you’ll receive 10% to 15% of the retail value when you sell clothes to Once Upon a Child.

How Much Does Once Upon a Child Pay for Clothes?

Once Upon a Child stores sell gently used children’s clothes — along with toys and furniture items — for up to 70% off retail prices.

When buying used clothing for resale, the store offers sellers 30% to 40% of its sale price, depending on the age and condition of the items, according to customer service representatives we spoke with at several stores in New York, Ohio, Kansas, and California.

More simply put, you can expect to receive roughly 10% to 15% of the retail price of items sold to Once Upon a Child. For example, a clothing item that retails at $20 would sell for $6 at Once Upon a Child (70% off). You would receive 30% to 40% of $6 — or $1.80 to $2.40 — for a $20 retail item.

What Does Once Upon a Child Buy?

Once Upon a Child buys a wide range of infants’ and children’s clothing in sizes from Preemie to Youth 20. The retailer considers all clothing brands for purchase, including hard-to-sell brands like Carter’s.

The store buys clothing, sleepwear, costumes, dancewear, dress clothing, outerwear, and swimwear of all kinds, including accessories.

In addition to clothing, Once Upon a Child buys:

  • Babies’ and children’s footwear, including shoes, boots, dance and dress shoes, sneakers, summer footwear, and water shoes
  • Toys including outdoor, electronic, ride-on toys, bikes, learning and activity toys, books, games, puzzles, DVDs, and kitchen sets
  • Baby gear including strollers, booster seats, highchairs, baby monitors, bed rails, bike trailers, bouncy seats, activity centers, playpens, swings, diaper care, and potty chairs
  • Furniture including bassinets, cradles, cribs, changing tables, bookshelves, table and chair sets, dressers, toddler beds, and toy boxes

All items follow the same purchase formula as clothing, offering 10 to 15% of the retail value for each item depending on age and condition.

Tips For Earning the Most Money

When selling infants’ and children’s items to Once Upon a Child, the condition and age of the items are considerations in how much you’ll get for them.

Clothing and accessories must have been purchased within the last five years. Other items such as baby gear, toys, and furniture are considered regardless of age but must be in good condition and meet current safety standards.

The newer and more gently used your items are, the more money Once Upon a Child will offer to you.

All apparel items must be freshly washed and in good condition, with no stains or fading. Bring clothing and accessories either folded neatly or laid flat in a box or bin, as Once Upon a Child doesn’t accept items on hangers or in garbage bags.

How to Sell Your Items to Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child buys items daily with no appointment required, and offers cash on the spot for accepted items.

To sell your gently used children’s clothing and items:

  • Bring your items to any Once Upon a Child location. You must also present a valid photo ID when selling items to Once Upon a Child.
  • The store’s buyer will review your items to determine whether they meet the store’s current style, safety, and inventory needs.
  • You will receive a cash offer for your items, which you can accept or reject. Your quote will include an overall offer broken down by item, so you can choose to sell some or all of your items.

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