Has a well-meaning friend or family member ever given you a gift card for a store that you never visit? Gift cards have become a popular present to give, whether for a birthday, wedding, or holiday.They’re a little more personal than just cash, they take the pressure off finding the perfect gift item, and they’re never the wrong size. But unfortunately, they can be to the wrong retailer… a store you never shop with or restaurant you don’t even have in your town.

You don’t have to let any unpopular gift cards go to waste because there are places out there that buy gift cards and give you a portion of the value back in cash. This article will give you the most convenient places – such as check cashing stores – that buy gift cards. We’ll go over the details of where they’re located, how much you can expect to get for the face value, and anything else you need to know.

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Places That Buy Gift Cards

There may be more places that buy gift cards than you realize. One might even be right around the corner from you! The growing popularity of gift cards has opened up the market for more opportunities than ever to sell them for cash.

1. Cardpool (at kiosks and online)

You can sell your unwanted gift cards by visiting a Cardpool kiosk at your favorite retailer or through their online program.

  • How it works (kiosk): At the kiosk, scan or swipe the gift card and either accept or decline the cash amount offer displayed on the screen. Next, verify your identity by scanning your driver’s license. Once finished, deposit your gift card into a slot at the front of the machine. Receive your cash on the spot at the kiosk, or take the printed voucher to the customer service desk to redeem for cash. If you don’t want cash, you may also choose to receive a different gift card as payment.
  • How it works (online): Go online and enter the gift card you’d like to sell. If you accept the online offer, Cardpool will send you a USPS label. Once you mail in the gift card, you’ll get a check in the mail in 5-10 business days.
  • Accepted gift cards: More than 150 retailers
  • Minimum gift card value accepted: $25
  • Are partially spent gift cards accepted? Yes
  • Amount you receive: Cardpool pays up to 92% of the value of the gift card.
  • Payment options: Cash or gift card.
  • Location: Find a Cardpool kiosk near you.

2. Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash offers small, short-term loans and paycheck advances in more than 30 states. Check Into Cash locations also give cash for gift cards.

  • How it works: Bring either a new or used gift card into a Check Into Cash stores for a free quote. The location manager will make you an offer and if you accept, you can walk out with cash in hand. You’ll need to show your driver’s license or other state-issued ID.
  • Accepted gift cards: Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, Starbucks, Bed Bath & Beyond, and hundreds of others.
  • Minimum gift card value accepted: $20.00
  • Are partially spent gift cards accepted? Yes
  • Amount you receive: Varies, depending on the popularity of the store the gift card is for. The company’s website does not provide a specific percentage, but you can expect to get less than face value.
  • Payment options: Cash or U.S. Money Card prepaid debit card.
  • Location: Find a Check Into Cash near you.

3. Target

Target offers the Target trade-in program that lets you exchange your unwanted gift cards for a Target gift card. While this is not the same thing as getting cash, you can use your new Target gift card online or in any Target store to purchase a large variety of items, including groceries, clothes, and furniture.

Check Cashing Stores That Buy Gift Cards

You usually think of check cashing stores as places to, well, cash checks. But, some check cashing places also buy gift cards

4. Money Mart (and Affiliate Stores)

Money Mart has more than 1,335 locations worldwide and offers check cashing, cash for gold, and other financial services, including buying gift cards. Money Mart operates in 13 states under the names Money Mart, The Check Cashing Store, American Check Casher, American Payday Loans, Check Casher and Payday Loans.

  • How it works: Bring your gift cards into a Money Mart – or affiliate store – and you’ll receive an offer for your gift cards. If you accept the offer, you can walk out with cash.
  • Accepted gift cards: The company does not supply a list of accepted gift cards, so visit a location or call ahead of time to check what gift cards they accept.
  • Minimum gift card value accepted: No limit given
  • Are partially spent gift cards accepted? Yes
  • Amount you receive: Varies according to the popularity of the gift card.
  • Payment options: Cash or Momentum Card prepaid debit card that you can choose to load funds onto.
  • Locations: Find a Money Mart near you.

5. GiftCardBin

GiftCardBin lets you both buy and sell gift cards. The company partners with physical retailers in the U.S. and Canada. For example, in Florida, GiftCardBin is connected to The Check Cashing Store and Family Financial Centers.

  • How it works: Bring your gift cards into one of the affiliate locations along with a valid form of ID, then get cash for your cards on the spot. Or, save yourself a trip and sell your card online.
  • Accepted gift cards: Over 700 merchant gift cards.
  • Minimum gift card value accepted: $10.00
  • Are partially spent gift cards accepted? No
  • Amount you receive: To get an idea of what your gift card is worth, use the online quote form.
  • Payment options: Besides redeeming the gift cards for cash, many of the physical retailers also offer prepaid debit cards and money orders.
  • Limitations:  You cannot trade in more than $300.00 worth of gift cards within a 30 day period from an individual seller. You can’t sell “promotional” cards with limitations and rules, that are more like a coupon than a gift card. GiftCardBin provides the P.F. Chang’s Be Our Guest Card as an example of one of these types of cards that aren’t accepted.
  • Locations: Find a GiftCardBin near you.

Other Creative Ways To Use Your Gift Cards

Here are a few of other creative ways you can pass along those unwanted gift cards:

In Summary

There are several options, online and in person, for getting money from unwanted gift cards you receive from friends and family instead of letting them go to waste. Although you receive less than face value when you sell your unused gift cards,  you can either turn them directly into hard cash or exchange for gift cards to stores you’re more likely to visit. Either way, it’s better to get something for your gift cards instead of just having them sit in a drawer until they expire. So when the next birthday or holiday comes up, you now have some options for the next gift card you don’t know how to use.