Tiffany Ring Resizing Cost & Policy: How to Get the Perfect Fit

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Short Answer — Tiffany & Co. will resize rings purchased from one of its stores or from its website. Rings cannot be resized in-store and will need to be sent to the service center. Prices vary depending on your ring; the service center will email you an estimate after it reviews your request.

Tiffany & Co. Ring Resizing Policy

You purchased or received a ring from Tiffany & Co. and it’s the wrong size. Don’t worry. Tiffany & Co. can resize your ring (up or down) if you take the following steps:

Note: Tiffany & Co. will not accept rings from other jewelry stores for any type of service, including resizing.

1. Drop Off Your Ring at a Tiffany & Co. Location

To have your ring resized, you’ll need to take it to the nearest Tiffany & Co store. A store associate will help you determine the correct size and will then mail your ring to the service center. Tiffany & Co. store locations do not offer resizing services onsite. You will not need to make a payment at this time.

If you do not have a Tiffany & Co. store near you, you can save and complete a Tiffany & Co. Service Request Form. Once completed, you can mail the request form, along with your ring, to the service center.

2. Accept or Decline the Cost of Service

Once the service center receives your ring and reviews the service request, it will contact you via email. The email will also include a cost estimate. If you would like to proceed with the service, you’ll need to pay with a credit card. If you choose to decline the service, your ring will be mailed back to you or the store location where you dropped it off. There is no charge if you decide to decline service.

If, for some reason, your ring cannot be resized (i.e., the type of metal cannot be sized or the ring cannot be sized as large or as small as you need it), the service center will let you know and your ring will be mailed back to you or the store location where you dropped it off.

3. Pick Up Your Ring

It will take about two to three weeks — depending on the style, metal, and service requested — for your ring to be resized. The service center will then ship it back to you or the store location where you dropped it off. The store will contact you to let you know when your ring is ready for pickup. Some stores are able to ship the ring directly to your home; contact your nearest Tiffany & Co. to inquire about this option.

Tiffany & Co. Ring Resizing Costs

Here’s the Tiffany ring resize cost information. The cost to resize your Tiffany & Co. ring varies and will depend on:

  • Design/style of the ring
  • Type of metal
  • Whether you are sizing up or down; sizing up is more expensive
  • Engraving or re-engraving, if applicable

If your ring is engraved, it’s possible that resizing will make the engraving illegible. You may need to have the ring re-engraved after it has been resized. Be sure to let the store associate know about any engraving or re-engraving requests when you drop off your ring.


Most Tiffany & Co. rings — including engagement rings — are only available for purchase in-store. For ring purchases, the initial sizing is included in the cost. If you are unsure of the ring size you need, a Tiffany & Co. store associate can help you determine the correct size. You may want to bring in a ring the recipient currently wears for size comparison.

If you find a ring available for purchase online, you will be asked to select a size before checkout. You can use the Tiffany & Co. Ring Size Guide for assistance. Another option is to have the recipient’s finger sized at a local jeweler prior to purchasing online.

Ring purchases can be returned or exchanged for a different size within 30 days of purchase. This only applies to rings that have not been altered (i.e., engraved). If it has been more than 30 days from purchase, the ring will need to be sent in for resizing and there will be a charge for the service.

For more on resizing rings, see our full list of places where you can get a ring sized or resized.

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