White Gold Prices Listed (10K, 14K, 18K, etc)

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Short Answer — White gold’s value depends on its purity. The spot price of gold is about $57 per gram (at the time of writing), but white gold is worth less than this since it typically contains around 40% to 75% gold.

How Much Is White Gold Worth?

The value of white gold depends on how many grams of pure gold it contains, the current price of gold, the presence of other metals or precious stones (if in the form of jewelry), and brand recognition. At the time of writing, the average spot price for gold over the past year is about $57 per gram.[1]

You can multiply a piece’s purity (in karats) by its weight (in grams) to find the amount of pure gold it contains. From there, you can multiply the amount of gold by the current price to find your base price. Use the following values for the purity of white gold:[2][3]

  • 10K: 41.7% gold
  • 14K: 58.3% gold
  • 18K: 75% gold

For example, with an 18K white gold piece that weighs 7 grams, you’d multiply 0.75 (75%) by 7 grams to find that the piece contains 5.25 grams of gold. With spot gold prices at $57 per gram, this piece would have a base value of about $300. An identical piece in 10K white gold would contain 2.9 grams of gold and be worth a base price of about $165.

The other factors noted above will determine the full value; for example, an 18k white gold piece from an iconic brand like Tiffany & Co. might be worth more than $300. You might want to check online jewelry stores or sites like eBay to get an idea of similar pieces’ value. You can also contact a local jeweler to get an appraisal of your specific item.

White Gold vs. Other Metals

Compared to other metals, white gold might be more or less valuable, depending on several factors. The value of jewelry lies partially in the diamond(s) or other gems, though the white gold does add value.[4]

Platinum settings are more valuable than white gold because platinum is mined in smaller quantities and is denser than white gold.[5] Two rings of the same size and style may be worth around $300 in white gold and $1,000 in platinum.[6][7]

White gold is comparable to other types of gold with the same purity.[2][3] For example, 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold both contain about 75% gold,[2] meaning their base value is about the same.

If trying to decide what type of gold to buy, be aware that while 18K white gold is the purest and most valuable white gold, 14K white gold is less expensive, stronger, and more scratch-resistant.[8]

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