Here’s Where to Find Wonton Wrappers in Grocery Stores

Dairy isle of a grocery store where wonton wrappers are

Short Answer — The location of wonton wrappers in grocery stores varies by location, but they will almost always be found in a refrigerated section. You can find wonton wrappers in several major grocery store chains as well as local Asian food markets.

Where to Buy Wonton Wrappers in Grocery Stores

Wonton wrappers are thin sheets of flour and egg-based dough that are used to make wontons, dumplings, and egg rolls. The availability and in-store location of wonton wrappers vary by store, but when they are in stock, they will almost always be in a refrigerated (or occasionally frozen) section.

We called stores in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin to find out where they keep wonton wrappers. The stores we called had wonton wrappers stocked in the deli area, dairy case, produce section, or similar refrigerated areas.

To find wonton wrappers near you, you should call your local grocery store or check the store’s mobile app for aisle information. We spoke to customer service representatives from the following stores to find out where they stock wonton wrappers:


Food Lion

  • Location: Available in some locations in or near the produce section; you may want to call ahead to your intended location to make sure they are in stock.
  • Find wonton wrappers: Food Lion store locator and the Food Lion mobile app





  • Location: Some Publix locations we called do not carry wonton wrappers. Other stores do offer them in the produce section.
  • Find wonton wrappers: Publix store locator and the Publix mobile app




Whole Foods

  • Location: Wonton wrappers may not be in stock at all Whole Foods locations, but when they are, you can find them with the refrigerated deli and dairy items, or occasionally with specialty Asian foods.
  • Find wonton wrappers: Whole Foods store locator and the Whole Foods mobile app

Local Asian Food Markets

In addition to the stores listed above, you can find wonton wrappers at your local Asian grocery stores. These types of stores shelve wonton wrappers near other refrigerated products such as tofu, eggs, and rice noodles.

Asian grocery stores are the best option to find wonton wrappers if you want to choose from a wider selection of brands.

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