Ashley Furniture Financing (No Credit Check? Bad Credit?, etc)

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Ashley Furniture HomeStore does not have “no credit check” financing available. However, it does have options available to those with less-than-perfect credit.

The Ashley Advantage Credit Card requires a “hard pull” of your credit while Acima, Caddipay, and Progressive Leasing generally only require a “soft pull” which doesn’t affect your credit score.

Additionally, most options detailed below consider multiple factors when deciding upon approval.

Ashley Furniture Financing Options

Ashley Furniture HomeStore does not have a “no credit check” financing option. But, if you have less-than-perfect credit, you can still apply for one of the financing options available from Ashley Furniture HomeStore, as some of them consider many factors when deciding on approval, not just your credit score.

The Ashley Advantage Credit Card can be approved by either Synchrony Bank or Great American Finance, so if you’re turned down by one, you may be approved by the other.

Below, we’ve provided more details of each financing option, including the minimum required credit scores and repayment terms.

In collecting this information, we contacted Ashley Furniture HomeStore’s customer service department, Synchrony Bank, and Great American Finance. We also studied the terms and conditions for each account type.

Ashley Advantage Credit Card

  • Minimum credit score: No specified minimum with Synchrony Bank; multiple factors considered regarding approval;[1] 580 for Great American Finance[2]
  • Other requirements:
    • Must be at least 18
    • Provide a valid Social Security number
    • Provide a valid U.S. address
    • Show proof of income[3]
  • Financing options: Six, 12, and 60-month financing is available online
    • Synchrony Bank doesn’t require a minimum purchase with six or 12-month financing. A purchase of at least $2,999 is required with 60-month financing.
    • Great American Finance requires a minimum purchase of $150 for six-month financing and $499 for 12-month financing.[4]

Acima Leasing

  • Minimum credit score: None[5][6]
  • Other requirements:
    • Provide a valid Social Security number or ITIN
    • Provide government-issued ID
    • Have an active checking account receiving at least $1,000 of income every month
    • Show three months of income history from current income source[5][6]
  • Financing options: You can be approved for up to $4,000.[5]
    • Lease agreements from 12 to 24 months[6][7]
    • 90-day purchase option
    • Early purchase savings — pay off your lease at any point to receive a discount.[5]


  • Minimum credit score: Not disclosed by Caddipay
  • Other requirements:
    • Must be at least 18 and a U.S. resident or a resident of the District of Columbia to apply
    • Must provide debit or credit card[8]
  • Financing options: 25% due at time of purchase; three payments due every other week will be charged to your card to pay off the remaining balance.[8]

Progressive Leasing

  • Minimum credit score: No specific requirement; multiple factors are considered for approval.[9]
  • Other requirements:
    • Must be at least 18 (19 in Alabama)
    • Must have a source of income
    • Must have bank routing and checking account numbers
    • Must have a credit or debit card[9]
  • Financing options:
    • 90-day purchase option
    • Standard 12-month agreement[9]

When considering financing from Ashley Furniture HomeStore or another retailer, be aware that the issuing bank will likely report any late or missed payments to the major credit bureaus.

If your credit score is already fair or lower, you should only accept financing when you are sure you can pay off the entire purchase amount on time to avoid further damage to your credit.

For more options, see our post detailing the furniture stores with easy credit approval.


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