7 Best Rent-to-Own Furniture Stores (Some With No Credit Check)

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Rent-to-own programs offer an option for those who need to make a big purchase now, but can’t afford to pay the whole thing at once.

However, if you’re capable of paying upfront or saving up to buy the item, you may not want to choose a rent-to-own program. You’ll end up paying more overall leasing an item than you would buying it outright.

For more, see the Federal Trade Commission’s notice on rent-to-own programs.

Below, we’ve compiled the list of major rent-to-own furniture stores, including some that don’t require a credit check.

What We Recommend

We’ve ranked FlexShopper and ColorTyme at the top of the list for their positive customer feedback, flexible payment choices, and ease of application for those with poor or no credit.

FlexShopper does obtain a credit report, but not from any of the three major credit reporting agencies. It has good customer reviews and flexible payment options, but it’s online only.

ColorTyme is a better choice if you prefer to shop in person for your furniture. It also has positive customer feedback, plus it’s a good choice for those with poor credit or no credit, as it does not perform a credit check.

Comparison Table

You can use the following table to compare the rent-to-own furniture stores, then select any store name or scroll to the list below for more details.

Store Credit check required? In-store or online?
FlexShopper Yes Online only
ColorTyme No Both
Rent One No Both
Baber's No Both
Aaron's Yes Both
Conn's HomePlus Yes Both
Buddy's Home Furnishings No Both
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The List

In comparing these retailers, we considered company reputation, flexible payment options, and credit requirements.

Our list begins with the overall best options.

FlexShopper logo


  • Available items: Furniture, appliances, smartphones, video games, computers, cameras, tires, fitness equipment, and lawn and garden equipment
  • Credit check requirements: FlexShopper obtains a credit report from either Factor Trust, Inc., or Clarity Services, Inc., but not from any of the three major credit reporting agencies.
  • Payment options: Payments are due weekly, but can be changed to bi-weekly or monthly. Customers also have a 90-day same as cash option, or can pay off the item early to save money.
  • Locations: Online only
  • Delivery options: FlexShopper ships nationwide.
  • Apply online

Also, see our list of stores that are similar to FlexShopper.

Colortyme logo


  • Available items: Furniture, large appliances, computers, electronics, air conditioners, and fireplaces
  • Credit check requirements: ColorTyme does not perform credit checks. Customers can complete an application online or in person and receive pre-approval, usually in a few minutes. The only requirements are proof of residence, income verification, and references.
  • Payment options: ColorTyme offers flexible payment options with no money down, including an Early Purchase Option that can save you money if you pay off your lease early. Payments can be made online.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Same-day delivery typically available; free delivery offered
  • Apply online
  • Find a store

Rent One logo

Rent One

  • Available items: Furniture, computers, electronic equipment, large appliances, TVs, and smartphones
  • Credit check requirements: No credit check required. Requirements include address, proof of income, and references.
  • Payment options: Weekly or monthly payment options; online payment accepted
  • Locations: Several midwestern states and Pennsylvania
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and setup offered
  • Apply online
  • Find a store

Babers logo


  • Available items: Furniture, electronics, appliances, computers, video games
  • Credit check requirements: Minimum requirements include proof of income, verified residence, and three references.
  • Payment options: 120-day and six-month same as cash payment options; online payment available
  • Locations: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and setup; next-day delivery offered
  • Find a store

Aarons logo


  • Available items: Furniture, mattresses, electronics, and large appliances
  • Credit check requirements: Minimum leasing requirements include income verification, proof of residence, and three references. While there is no credit requirement, Aaron’s will still perform a credit check to approve your application online.
  • Payment options: Aaron’s offers flexible payment options, including a 120-day same as cash option at many stores (90-day in California). Payments can be made online.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and setup are offered.
  • Apply online
  • Find a store

Conns Home Plus logo

Conn’s HomePlus

  • Available items: Furniture, appliances, TVs, electronics, computers, and home decor and accessories
  • Credit check requirements: Conn’s requires a credit check for its in-store financing, store credit card, and rent-to-own programs. While a credit check is still required for rent-to-own applicants, you don’t have to have credit to be approved.
  • Payment options: Consumers have a variety of options which include store credit cards, retail installment contracts, and rent-to-own. The rent-to-own program offers flexible payment options including a 90-day purchase option.
  • Locations: The southern half of the United States
  • Delivery options: Conn’s offers next-day delivery in its local markets. Conn’s will even haul away used furniture and appliances at any time an appointment is scheduled.
  • Apply online
  • Find a store

Buddys Home Furnishings logo

Buddy’s Home Furnishings

  • Available items: Furniture, home office equipment, computers, major appliances, outdoor equipment, and air conditioning units
  • Credit check requirements: Buddy’s does not do credit checks on applications. You can apply online or at your local store.
  • Payment options: Buddy’s offers flexible payment options and accepts payments online.
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Delivery options: Free delivery and setup available
  • Apply online
  • Find a store

If you’re looking to rent-to-own items other than furniture, have a look at our research on Progressive Leasing stores. Progressive Leasing provides a popular rent-to-own program to retailers.

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