11 Buy Now, Pay Later Electronics Stores (Some No Credit Check)

Laptop, tablet, and camera from a buy now, pay later electronics store

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Buy now, pay later programs let you purchase items like computers and televisions and then pay for them over time — typically with some form of interest added.

It’s worth noting that sometimes there are special, interest-free introductory offers if you pay in full before the end of the financing term — but know that if you don’t pay in full by this time, you may be charged interest from the original date of purchase.

Many types of stores offer buy now, pay later financing. Below, we’ll show you the national and regional stores that offer this type of financing for electronics, with options for all credit levels.

Things to Know Before Financing

Before agreeing to a “buy now, pay later” financing program, there are a few potential downsides to keep in mind.

Most financed purchases incur interest unless you pay for your purchase in full within a specified period — within one billing cycle for some credit cards, or by the end of the financing term, for example.

Your payments with interest may be manageable, but the item will cost more in total than if you purchased it outright, so you may want to consider saving up in cash if you don’t need the item right away.

It’s also important to note that missed payments can lead to late fees, or may have a negative impact on your credit score.

Note the following charges and policies before accepting financing, to understand the fees and penalties associated with financing:

  • Annual fees (if any)
  • APR and minimum interest charge
  • Down payment (if any)
  • Item return/repair policies (for leasing agreements)
  • Late payment fees
  • Payment due date/billing cycle
  • Returned payment fees
  • Total purchase amount (including the item price, interest, and fees)

Stores With Buy Now, Pay Later Electronics

Note that we’ve separated our list based on the general credit level needed for approval.

For Customers with Fair to Excellent Credit

Amazon logo


  • Locations: Online only[1]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Amazon Store Card[2]
  • Credit score: Fair[3][4]
  • Deferred payment available? Due date is at least 23 days following the close of every billing cycle[5]
  • Deposit required: None[2]
  • Apply online

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Best Buy logo

Best Buy

  • Locations: Nationwide[6]
  • Buy now, pay later option: My Best Buy Credit Card[7]
  • Credit score: Fair[8]
  • Deferred payment available? There’s a grace period of at least 25 days following the close of each billing cycle[9]
  • Deposit required: None[10]
  • Apply online

Newegg logo


  • Locations: Online only[11]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Newegg Store Credit Card[12]
  • Credit score: Fair to good[13]
  • Deferred payment available? Due date is at least 23 days following the close of every billing cycle[14]
  • Deposit required: None[14]
  • Apply online

HSN logo

Home Shopping Network (HSN)

  • Locations: Online only[15]
  • Buy now, pay later option: HSN Card[16]
  • Credit score: Fair to good[17]
  • Deferred payment available? Due date is at least 23 days following the close of every billing cycle[18]
  • Deposit required: None[16][19]
  • Apply online

Target logo


  • Locations: Nationwide[20]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Target RedCard[21]
  • Credit score: No set requirement; multiple factors are considered for approval.[22]
  • Deferred payment available? Payment due date is at least 25 days following the close of every billing cycle[23]
  • Deposit required: None[22]
  • Apply online

Walmart logo


  • Locations: Nationwide[24]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Walmart Credit Card[25]
  • Credit score: No set requirement[26]
  • Deferred payment available? Payment due date is at least 25 days following the close of every billing cycle[27]
  • Deposit required: None[25]
  • Apply online

For Customers with Poor/No Credit

These stores provide buy now, pay later electronic financing for most credit levels, including shoppers with bad credit or no credit. Most of these programs don’t require a credit check for a financing decision.

Fingerhut logo


  • Locations: Online only[28]
  • Buy now, pay later options: Fingerhut Fetti Credit Account and Fingerhut FreshStart Loan[28]
  • Credit score: No set requirement; multiple factors are considered for approval.[29]
  • Deferred payment available? Yes, if eligible[30]
  • Deposit required: May be required; $30 down payment due for Fingerhut FreshStart[28][31]
  • Apply online

FlexShopper logo


  • Locations: Online only[32]
  • Buy now, pay later option: FlexShopper financing[33]
  • Credit score: No credit needed. Must be 18 or older and a U.S. resident; must have a source of income, a valid checking account in good standing, and a Social Security number or ITIN[33][34]
  • Deferred payments available? No[34]
  • Deposit required: First payment due the Friday after your purchase[34]
  • Apply online

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Overstock logo


  • Locations: Online only; not available for residents of MN, NJ, VT, WI, or WY[35]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Progressive Leasing[36]
  • Credit score: No credit needed; must provide employment information, photo ID, checking account information, and a debit or credit card[36][35]
  • Deferred payment available? No[36]
  • Deposit required: $49 initial payment due at time of purchase[36]
  • Apply online

Rent A Center logo


  • Locations: Nationwide[37]
  • Buy now, pay later option: Rent-A-Center Financing[38]
  • Credit score: No credit needed; must provide a permanent address with contact information for landlord or mortgage company, a source of income, and two references to qualify[38]
  • Deferred payment available? No[38]
  • Deposit required: $10 for most states[38]
  • Apply online

Sears logo


  • Locations: Nationwide[39]
  • Buy now, pay later option: WhyNotLeaseIt[40]
  • Credit score: No credit check required. Must be 18 or older and meet income requirements[40]
  • Deferred payment available? No[40]
  • Deposit required: First payment due at time of purchase[40]
  • Apply online

If you’re set on getting a drone, we have the list of retailers that sell buy now, pay later drones.

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