Buy Now, Pay Later Camera Options (No Credit Check Options Included)

Short Answer: Several stores offer buy now, pay later for camera purchases, including big-name retailers like Best Buy, Adorama, and Amazon. These retailers offer store credit cards or store-branded credit cards as part of their financing options. Other options include rent-to-own and lease-to-own stores like Ownable, FlexShopper, and LeaseVille. While these companies usually don’t require a credit check, they often charge higher prices. For more details on where to get a buy now, pay later camera, see below.

Buy Now, Pay Later Camera Options

You have a few options when looking to get a camera through buy now, pay later. You can finance a camera purchase through a store credit card and make monthly payments or you can rent-to-own or lease-to-own through a specialized retailer. Through these options, you can purchase a professional DSLR camera, a traditional point-and-shoot camera, and even camera accessories.

Financing Through a Store Credit Card

Applying for and financing a camera purchase through a store credit card or store-branded credit card makes sense if you have decent credit and are open to a credit check. With a store credit card, you’ll need to make monthly payments on your purchase. You may be able to take advantage of new credit card incentives like an interest-free period, but, beware of interest charges adding up if you don’t pay off your purchase on-time or if you can only make the minimum monthly payment.

Rent-to-Own or Lease-to-Own Stores

Many rent-to-own and lease-to-own stores will help you buy a camera and pay for it later without pulling your credit. This can be a good option if you have less-than-ideal credit or no credit history. Be aware that the retailer may report your payment history to the major credit bureaus and you’ll likely need to provide your Social Security number and documentation of a steady income. You’ll also need to have an established bank account.

Also, keep in mind, you’ll probably end up paying more than the suggested retail price for the item through a rent-to-own or lease-to-own program.

Stores That Offer Buy Now, Pay Later for Cameras

The following stores can help you buy now and pay later for a new camera. For the list of electronics stores that offer financing, see our related article.


  • Types of cameras: Camcorders, DSLR, drone-mounted cameras, instant, medium format, mirrorless, point-and-shoot digital, and related accessories
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): You can lease-to-own through FlexShopper or apply for and finance through an Adorama store credit card. The FlexShopper program offers “90 days same as cash” on certain items and ongoing lease-to-own arrangements. New Adorama Credit Card account holders can take advantage of interest-free purchases on numerous brands if you pay the entirety of your balance within six months, 12 months, 24 months, or 48 months, depending on the promotion.
  • Credit check required? Flexshopper does not require a credit check; the Adorama store credit card does require a credit check
  • Interest and/or fees: See the Adorama Credit Card account page for current interest rates and fees
  • Sign up for FlexShopper during checkout; apply for a store credit card on Adorama’s website
  • Shop Adorama’s camera selection
  • Source: Adorama FlexShopper page, Adorama Credit Card account page, and Adorama Credit Card agreement


Best Buy


  • Types of cameras: Camcorders, dashcams, DSLR, drone-mounted cameras, instant, mirrorless, point-and-shoot digital, spy cameras, and underwater
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): FlexShopper offers lease-to-own for appliances, audio equipment, cameras, cell phones, computers, fitness equipment, furniture, jewelry, mattresses, tablets, televisions, tires, and video game consoles. Shoppers must be at least 18, have a steady income, and have a bank account that’s been active at least 90 days.
  • Credit check required? No; FlexShopper does report missed payments to the major credit bureaus
  • Interest and/or fees: Vary by payback period; for example, if your payback period is 90 days, you’ll pay the cash price plus tax.
  • Apply on the FlexShopper website
  • Shop FlexShopper’s cameras selection
  • Source: FlexShopper FAQ



  • Types of cameras: Camcorders, DSLR, instant, mirrorless, and point-and-shoot digital
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): LeaseVille offers lease-to-own for electronics, appliances, musical instruments, fitness equipment, tools, and lawnmowers. Applicants must have proof of a steady income of $1,200 per month for at least six months and an active checking account.
  • Credit check required? No
  • Interest and/or fees: None
  • Create an account on LeaseVille’s website
  • Shop LeaseVille’s camera selection
  • Source: LeaseVille FAQ

Montgomery Ward


  • Types of cameras: 360-degree cameras, digital camcorders, DSLR, instant, mirrorless, photo printers, point-and-shoot digital, and waterproof
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): Ownable specializes in providing electronics and appliances on a rent-to-own basis. Members must be at least 18, have a regular source of income, provide a valid Social Security number, and have a credit card or debit card to make payments to Ownable.
  • Credit check required? Ownable does not currently require a credit check but is considering requiring one in the future.
  • Interest and/or fees: None
  • Sign up on Ownable’s website
  • Shop Ownable’s camera selection
  • Source: Ownable FAQ


  • Types of cameras: DSLR, instant, point-and-shoot digital, waterproof, and related accessories
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): Perpay sells name-brand goods through interest-free installment plans. You must show proof of employment, have an active mobile phone number, be in good financial standing (including no active bankruptcies), and make at least $15,000 annually.
  • Credit check required? No; Perpay does require a valid Social Security number but will not pull your credit
  • Interest and/or fees: Perpay doesn’t charge interest. If you stop or lower your direct deposit or allotment amount below your minimum payment, you will incur a $35 fee.
  • Sign up on Perpay’s website
  • Shop Perpay’s camera selection (Sign up is required)
  • Source: Perpay FAQ


  • Types of cameras: Camcorders, dashcams, drone-mounted cameras, instant, point-and-shoot digital, photo printers, spy cameras, and waterproof
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): Stoneberry Credit
  • Credit check required? Yes
  • Interest and/or fees: Stoneberry Credit’s late fees and finance charges depend on your state of residence. See the Stoneberry Credit Terms & Conditions for details on the current APR.
  • Apply by selecting Stoneberry Credit as your payment method during checkout
  • Shop Stoneberry’s camera selection
  • Source: Stoneberry Credit FAQs


  • Types of cameras: Dashcams, DSLR, instant, mirrorless, and waterproof
  • Buy now, pay later option(s): Zebit sells name-brand goods through interest-free installment plans. Zebit must be able to validate your income and/or employment.
  • Credit check required? No; Zebit uses alternate consumer reporting agencies to determine your creditworthiness
  • Interest and/or fees: Zebit passes on an 18% surcharge when purchasing electronic gift certificates
  • Register on Zebit’s website
  • Shop Zebit’s camera selection
  • Source: Zebit FAQ

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