Fly Now, Pay Later: No Credit Check Airline Ticket Financing Options

Want to book a ticket to travel the world but find it easier to pay in installments instead of a large sum? No credit check airline ticket financing is out there. Or simply want to lock in a low-priced ticket? Specialized “fly now, pay later” companies like Airfordable and can help. More traditional travel lenders like Uplift and Affirm also provide financing options. We have what you need to know about fly now, pay later, no credit check options.

Fly Now, Pay Later: No Credit Check Options

Several websites will allow you to book a flight now and pay for it in installments — and some don’t even require a credit check. The two main no-credit-check players are Airfordable and

While you can’t exactly fly before you pay, you can buy airfare without having to pay in full upfront. The above-mentioned companies operate a little bit like a traditional store layaway policy. You pay a deposit up front and then make scheduled payments prior to receiving your ticket. The balance must be paid in full before you travel. Booking in advance can help you lock in a lower price.

Airfordable clearly states on its website that it will not pull your credit, but does not. We reached out to but were unable to connect with a company representative. However, in going through the process to purchase a ticket on the site, did not ask for a birth date or Social Security number. Since these pieces of information are necessary to pull someone’s credit, it appears is also a no-credit-check airline ticket financing option.

What to Know Before You Book

There are a few things you should be aware of prior to booking with a buy now, pay later company. For one thing, these companies make their money from upfront fees, which can be expensive. Buy-now-pay-later no-credit-check companies charge anywhere from 15 to 20% of the ticket price or more, depending on the repayment period.

If you can finance your flight through your bank or local credit union, you may come out ahead in the long run. And, of course, simply saving for a flight is your best bet to avoid interest and fees.

If you don’t mind a “soft” credit check — which won’t affect your credit score — try Uplift, a travel lender. Uplift will even let you travel before paying your balance in full. Affirm also provides a similar service. These companies do charge interest, so make sure you have a plan to repay your loan quickly so you don’t get stuck in a cycle of debt.

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In Summary

Airfordable and take the layaway model used by retailers and apply it to airline travel purchases. These businesses will let you buy now, pay later for airline tickets, and don’t even require a credit check. Uplift and Affirm are travel lenders that will pull your credit, but they do so in a way that won’t negatively impact your credit score.

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