14 Bad Credit & No Credit Check Computer Financing Options

If you have bad credit, you can still find financing for the purchase of a new laptop or desktop computer from stores including Aaron’s, FlexShopper, Fingerhut, and others. When you have bad credit or no credit, you will be limited principally to rent-to-own and buy-now-pay-later programs, and usually won’t have store credit card options. You might also be able to secure financing directly from a computer manufacturer, like Dell.

Rent-to-Own Programs for Computers

Rent-to-own programs are a convenient way for you to get the items you need immediately, even if you don’t have the cash or credit to pay for the item all at once. Usually, rent-to-own stores cater to customers with either no credit history or a poor credit history, but they can also be a good option if you only need an item for a short period of time.

Rent-to-own businesses operate by leasing an item over a set period of time, usually 12-24 months, and then spreading the payment over that leasing period. While weekly or monthly payments can appear low and affordable, the total you pay at the end of the lease period can end up being significantly more than the item’s sticker price. Rent-to-own programs don’t charge interest, but do charge leasing fees. If you don’t truly need the item right away, you may want to save up for your purchase and pay the retail price upfront instead of using a rent-to-own program.

Another thing to keep in mind with rent-to-own programs is that you’ll have to sign a leasing contract with the company for a set term. Any non-payment during that term can result in the company seizing the item. Missed payments can also lead to fees or reflect negatively on your credit score, depending on the terms of your contract. Some companies will be willing to reinstate the item at a later date and apply any previous payments to the contract, but it’s best to always read the leasing contract terms carefully before you sign on the dotted line.


  • Computer products offered:Desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablets.
  • Company’s unique features: Aaron’s will deliver, set up, assemble, and demonstrate the leased item for customers, free of charge
  • Payment schedules offered: 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, or plus 120 days same a cash, which waives all lease fees if you pay in-full within 120 days.
  • Credit check required? Aaron’s may run a credit check, but no established credit is required
  • Requirements: You must show proof of income, residence, and three references
  • Shop online for computers at Aaron’s or at an Aaron’s store
  • Source: Aaron’s “How to Own It” page


  • Computer products offered: Desktop computers, laptop computers, iPads, tablets, eReaders, computer peripherals
  • Company’s unique features: FlexShopper’s website features a Personal Shopping Assistant — if the website doesn’t have a particular product, the Personal Shopping Assistant will find the product through partner retailers such as Best Buy, CrutchField, CDW, Office Depot/OfficeMax, and Newegg.
  • Payment schedules offered: Weekly payments, bi-weekly payments, or monthly payments over the course of one year. You can also use the 90 days same as cash program, which lets you take the item home without paying any leasing fees if you pay it off in 90 days.
  • Credit check required? Yes
  • Requirements: Fair to good credit, must earn at least $1,000 per month, have a bank account that’s been active for at least 90 days, and no more than one Non-Sufficient Funds charge in the last 30 days
  • Shop FlexShopper computers online
  • Source: FlexShopper FAQs

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  • Computer products offered: New desktop computers, laptop computers, iPads, tablets, Smart Watches, and computer peripherals.
  • Company’s unique features: Early buyout options
    • 90 days early buyout: Option to purchase within 90 days of the delivery date and only pay the invoice amount plus processing fee.
    • 65% of early buyout option: If you wish to own the merchandise outright after 90 days but before the end of the lease, you may purchase it at 65% of the remaining balance on your lease.
  • Payment schedules offered: Weekly payments, bi-weekly payments, or monthly payments over the course of one year
  • Credit check required? No
  • Requirements: Must earn $1,000 per month and have an active checking account with no NSFs within the last 30 days; at least $500 of deposits and 5 transactions per months; and no pre-paid debit cards.
  • Shop LeaseVille’s computers online
  • Source: How LeaseVille Works

Rent-2-Own (Ohio and Kentucky)

  • Computer products offered: Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets. Any products not found on the website can be negotiated through local retail location.
  • Company’s unique features: R2O Club Rewards Program which rewards you with points for every payment made on time. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, rebates on gas, groceries, and utilities and benefits on R2O Accident Forgiveness.
  • Payment schedules offered: Weekly payments, bi-weekly payments, or monthly payments over the course of one year. You can also use the 120 days same as cash program, which lets you take the item home without paying any leasing fees if you pay it off in 120 days.
  • Credit check required? No
  • Requirements: Six references are required. Additional proof of income and residency may be required, depending on the location.
  • Rent in person at a Rent-2-Own store
  • Source: How R2O Works


  • Computer products offered: New and pre-owned desktop computers, laptop computers and tablets.
  • Company’s unique features: Price for the item usually includes delivery, set up, and maintenance of the item.
  • Payment schedules offered: Weekly payments, bi-weekly payments, or monthly payments over the course of one year. You can also use the 90 days same as cash program, which lets you take the item home without paying any leasing fees if you pay it off in 90 days.
  • Credit check required? Rent-A-Center may run a credit check, but no established credit is necessary
  • Requirements: Must provide proof of residence, proof of income, and references
  • Rent a computer from Rent-A-Center online or at a Rent-A-Center store
  • Source: How Rent-A-Center Works

Note: Rent-A-Center has a rating of C+ from the Better Business Bureau.

Rent Delite

  • Computer products offered: Laptops, desktops, all-in-one computers, ultrabooks, 2-in-1’s, tablets, and various accessories
  • Company’s unique features: Can own item in a year or less; early payoff options (depends on state), instant approval
  • Payment schedules offered: Customer service stated that schedules are “purely income based” and “rental schedules are based on the income and pay frequency.” They recommend applying to know the approval amount.
  • Credit check required? Yes
  • Requirements:
    • Customers must be 18 years or older.
    • Customers must have a job or other source of income.
    • Customers must have an email address.
    • Customers must have a credit or debit card.
  • Rent from Rent Delite
  • Source: How Rent Delite Works


Buy Now, Pay Later Programs for Computers

Buy now, pay later stores differ from rent-to-own retailers in that you buy the item outright via retailer credit and then your payments are deferred to a later date. Usually buy now, pay later stores will spread out payments weekly or monthly, and some offer a deferred payoff option within a short period of time after initial purchase. Be aware that this interest-free period is usually followed by a high interest rate, and if you don’t pay the item off during the interest-free period, interest may accrue from the date of purchase rather than the end of the promotional period. And, similar to rent-to-own programs, buy now, pay later programs typically cost more in the long-run than purchasing the item at its retail price.


Seventh Avenue

  • Computer products offered: Laptop computers and tablets.
  • Company’s unique features: You can create an online wish list of Seventh Avenue products or shop for someone else using their Seventh Avenue Wish List as a guide.
  • Payment schedules offered: Monthly payments with the number of months depending on the total price of the item.
  • Credit check required? Not specified
  • Requirements: None disclosed; Seventh Avenue provides a credit card to approved customers, but doesn’t specify the factors used for approval
  • Shop online at Seventh Avenue
  • Source: Seventh Avenue terms

Financing Programs Directly from Computer Brands

Only a few computer brands offer financing directly through the company.


  • Offers financing through Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards with six, 12, and 18-month financing available.
  • Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards can earn points every time you shop toward Apple Store or iTunes gift cards.
  • Customers can apply online, by calling an Apple representative at 1-800-MY-APPLE, or visiting the nearest Apple Store.


  • Offers financing through the Dell Preferred Account with promotional financing offers and future discounts.
  • The Dell Preferred Account earns 10% back through a Loyalty Rewards program on qualifying purchases.
  • Customers can apply online and receive approval quickly.

Computer Bad Credit, No Credit Retailer Financing for Computers

One of the most popular brick-and-mortar stores for electronics, Best Buy, offers financing through the My Best Buy Credit Card, which features no interest charges for 6 or 18 months, depending on the item’s purchase price. Customers can apply online or at their closest Best Buy retail location.


Amazon also offers financing on purchases made at Amazon.com through the Amazon Store Card and the Amazon Prime Store Card.

  • The Amazon Store Card is available to any registered Amazon.com customer.
  • The Amazon Prime Store card requires membership in the Amazon Prime program, usually at an annual cost of $99.
  • Both of these cards differ from the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card, which can be used at any location where Visa credit cards are accepted. The Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card earns points which can be redeemed for products at Amazon.com.
  • Customers can apply online and access special offers and promotional financing.

Samsung and HP

Samsung and Hewlett-Packard, as well as a host of other online retailers, use PayPal Credit as an additional payment option on its websites. PayPal Credit was formerly known as “Bill Me Later” and can be linked directly to an existing PayPal account. Customers can receive approval in seconds after providing their date of birth and Social Security Number during the application process.

In Summary

Computer financing is available from rent-to-own-stores, like Aaron’s, and stores that specialize in buy now pay later financing, like Fingerhut. You may also be able to get financing directly from a computer manufacturer, like Dell, or use a store credit card that accepts candidates with poor credit, perhaps at Amazon. In the end, if you choose any of these options you’re highly likely to end up paying more overall, so if you can, it’s better to save and purchase a computer outright. Make sure you read your financing agreement completely before you sign it.

For more information on buy now, pay later websites and catalogs, check out our article “13 Buy Now Pay Later Sites and Catalogs (Some with No Credit Check)” and “Buy Now Pay Later Clothes: 11 Catalogs, Stores (Credit Check Info Listed).


  • Never heard of leaseville until a friend recommended them. Im a little uneasy about giving my personal information online so i decided to call and make sure everything was kosher (mind you my friend already has an order with them, I’m just paranoid). They were very pleasant on the phone and told me to check them out online via BBB and other reviews before placing an order and made sure i gelt comfortable. Their pricing (monthly payments) is much better than all these store mentioned above plus I took advantage of their 12 mo same as cash option, which is amazing since my credit is not that great. Anyways leaseville is a very transparent, up front and honest company, from what i’ve seen so far. My item was brand new, as they promised and my payments were exact, to the penny. Very pleased

  • Victoria says:

    I stopped using a bank account, closed all credit cards and for the past few years, have paid for everything with cash or my debit card. Now, my credit record shows NO history of any credit including two houses I bought and paid off. I am using two secured cards to try to build some back up. I need to buy a new computer. i can’t do 2000 up front to purchase. i also, cannot get credit. Flex Pay? No way. The woman on the phone told me that bad derogatory credit was even better than no credit history. They denied me. Dell just denied me. I cannot find anyplace that will let me layaway/lease/make payments on a computer. I have 700 dollars available each month left AFTER paying my rent and bills and can make payments. I am SO frustrated.

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Victoria,

      I am so sorry to hear about your struggles securing credit to purchase a computer. Have you tried Rent-A-Center? You can find a list of Rent-A-Center stores here. While purchasing a computer through a rent-to-own company may cost you more than a traditional lender, it is a great option for consumers like you who have no/little credit history. Good luck!

  • I have no credit history at all since I’m starting out… But I can provide proof that I’ve been employed for over 2 years full time and am having issues financing anything since I don’t have a history at all.

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Austin,

      Your goal is to begin building a credit history instead of trying to secure financing through a ‘bad credit’ lender. Because you have a history of full-time employment, you will find that securing a credit card (albeit with a low credit limit) is your best bet. Many times, consumers have the best luck securing a credit card through a department store to begin building their credit. Make a purchase on the card at least once a month, and make sure to pay if off, in full, every month. Once you have begun establishing a credit history, you will find that securing financing for car loans and other types of major credits cards is a much easier endeavor. Good luck!

  • Leif Johnson says:

    I have no credit and no proof of employment, as well as no bank account. I do have a legitamate residency asvwell as more than enough cash coming in. My question is: are their any services available for me, and would u recommend any of these sites?

    • Sarah Quinn says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff


      Flex Shopper, LeaseVille (or LeaseVille No Credit), and Rent-2-Own might be particularly good options for you. These are all companies that are known to accept a wide range of credit scores, and that typically work with customers who have new, poor, or no credit. I hope this helps!

  • Ofentse Matlape says:

    I need a finance for a computer,my credit score is bad but I can still afford to pay the installment

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Ofentse,

      Flex Shopper, LeaseVille (or LeaseVille No Credit), and Rent-2-Own might be particularly good options for you. These are all companies that are known to accept a wide range of credit scores, and that typically work with customers who have new, poor, or no credit. I hope this helps!