Rent to own stores, also called lease-to-own stores, can have bad reputations. While there are indeed fees and risks to consider when buying on a lease-to-own plan, rent to own stores can allow you to buy what you need without accruing credit card debt or having to come up with the money to pay for an item upfront. Some rent to own stores don’t even require credit checks, making their products accessible to just about anyone. This article details what you need to know about rent to own websites.

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How Do Rent to Own Companies Work?

As the name suggests, rent to own stores allow you to rent products, such as large appliances, electronics, and furniture, for low monthly payments. As soon as you make the final payment on the product, it’s legally yours. The idea is that you rent the product until you own it, but if you decide you no longer want it, you can return it without continuing to make the monthly payments.

Rent to own options can be attractive because most places don’t require a credit check and rent to own monthly payments are usually lower than other repayment plans or credit card payments. However, don’t be deceived. Rent to own is not cheaper than paying upfront, in full; leasing fees will be included in your monthly payment. It simply provides a way for you to get the things you need now and pay for them in installments over a longer period of time.

For example, let’s say you need a new stove. The stove you have your eye on in your local appliance store costs $1,000. That same stove from a rent to own store is $30 per week for 52 weeks. Coming up with $30 a week seems more manageable than coming up with $1,000 on the spot, which is why a lot of people utilize rent to own options. However, if you do the math, your rent to own stove will cost you $1,560 — $560 more than purchasing the stove up front.

When deciding whether to sign a rent to own agreement, consider your financial situation, the amount of the potential monthly or weekly payments, any additional fees, the total cost of the lease, and how urgent your need for the item is. If you can easily afford the monthly payment, are fine with the additional cost associated with renting to own, and need an item immediately — like a stove, which will help you feed your family — rent to own stores may be worth considering. If your purchase is of a luxury item like a larger television, we recommend taking the time to save up and purchase the item outright.

Keep in mind that if you miss payments during the leasing period, your item can be repossessed. You may be charged late fees or have to pay off the remaining cost of the loan, depending on the company’s policies. Missed payments may also be reported to the credit bureaus, damaging your score.

When Should You Choose Rent to Own Instead of Purchasing an Item Outright?

Since the overall price of rent to own products is always higher than if you were to pay retail, most people will tell you that it’s smarter to purchase the item outright instead of renting. While that might be true, it isn’t always a feasible option for everyone. Sometimes, renting just makes more sense for your circumstances. You might want to consider a rent to own option if:

  • You want to try out a product before committing to buying it.
    This is great for furniture, TVs, electronics, and more because you familiarize yourself with the product and decide if it’s something that’s right for you. If it turns out that you don’t like it, simply return the item to the rent to own store and try something else. If you do decide that you want to buy it, you can even return it to the rent to own store and purchase it for an overall lower price at another store. (Be sure to double-check the rental agreement before trying this tactic.)
  • You only need the item for a short amount of time.
    For example, there’s no sense in buying a new 70-inch TV if you only need it during football season, especially when you can rent a newer, better version every year. It’s also a great option if you just need to temporarily replace something that’s currently being repaired, such as a washing machine or vacuum cleaner.
  • You have low credit.
    Most rent to own stores don’t require a credit check or are willing to accept low credit scores.
  • You don’t want to be put on a payment plan.
    Some stores offer payment plans with little or no interest, which are usually based on your credit. However, the required monthly payment is also sometimes based on your income, and if you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, the payment might be too high for your budget.
  • You don’t want to charge the purchase to a credit card.
    A seemingly small credit card charge can spiral out of control and put you in the hole by the thousands if you’re not careful, but with rent to own, as long as you make your monthly or weekly payments on time, you won’t have to face high interest charges.

The List of Legitimate Rent to Own Online Stores

If you think that a rent to own option is right for you, there are several legitimate, reputable online rent to own stores that can help you get the items you need. Below, we have the details for some of the most popular rent to own stores online.


  • Items available for rent: Fitness and sports equipment, mattresses, furniture, appliances, TVs, musical instruments, tires and wheels, baby and children’s products, and more.
  • Does FlexShopper require a credit check? Yes, but FlexShopper does rent to customers with bad credit. Shoppers can apply online to see if they qualify for a FlexShopper lease.
  • Approval requirements: FlexShopper has a few general requirements for applying, including the following:
    • Customers must be 18 years or older.
    • Customers must earn at least $1,000 per month.
    • Customers must live in the U.S. but not in New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.
    • Customers must have a bank account that’s been active for at least 90 days.
  • Does FlexShopper have penalties for late payments? Yes, fees can be assessed for late payments, although the exact amount can vary.
  • Perks: FlexShopper offers customers benefits including:
    • No long-term commitment. Each lease is 52 weeks or shorter.
    • No money down.
    • Early purchase option. Each lease agreement will list an Early Purchase Option amount, and customers can purchase their product at any time by paying that amount.
    • Instant spending limit. Customers can start shopping as soon as they’re qualified.
  • Learn more on the How It Works page of the FlexShopper website.
  • Start shopping at FlexShopper.

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  • Items available for rent: Fitness equipment, engagement rings, computers, electronics, appliances, lawn and landscaping tools, furniture, and music equipment
  • Does Leaseville require a credit check? No
  • Approval requirements: While Leaseville doesn’t perform credit checks, the company requires the following:
    • Customers must earn at least $1,000 per month.
    • Customers must be employed at the same job for at least six months, self-employed, or on SSI/VA/retirement/long-term disability
    • Customers must have a checking account that’s been open and active for at least three months and that meets the following criteria:
      • Five transactions per month with at least $500 in deposits per month
      • No non-sufficient or excessive overdrafts within the last 30 days
      • No prepaid debit cards
  • Does Leaseville have penalties for late payments? Not disclosed online. However, keep in mind that payments will be automatically taken out of the checking account.
  • Perks: Leaseville offers customers many benefits, including:
    • No down payment (but the company does require a setup fee of $40 or less before the order is shipped)
    • Customers can own their items in a year or less
    • Two available early pay-off options:
      1. The 90-day buyout option allows customers to purchase the item for the invoice amount within 90 days of the delivery date.
      2. The 65 percent buyout option is for products that the customer has had for over 90 days, which can be purchased for 65% of the remaining balance on the lease.
  • Learn more at the Leaseville website.
  • Start shopping at Leaseville.

Rent Delite

  • Items available for rent: Clothing, phones, TVs, electronics, appliances, and furniture
  • Does Rent Delite require a credit check? Yes, but the company does rent to those with bad credit. Customers can get approved instantly here.
  • Approval requirements: Rent Delite imposes the following requirements for approval:
    • Customers must be 18 years or older.
    • Customers must have a job or other source of income.
    • Customers must have an email address.
    • Customers must have a credit or debit card.
  • Does Rent Delite have penalties for late payments? Not specified, but the Rent Delite company website advises customers to call or e-mail a customer service representative if they happen to miss a payment, and the representative can discuss the available options.
  • Perks: Rent Delite offers customers benefits including:
    • Customers can own their items in a year or less.
    • Early payoff — although this depends on how much the customer has already paid and the customer’s state of residence. To request an early payoff quote, contact customer service here.
    • Instant approval. Customers can start shopping as soon as they’re approved.
  • Learn more on the Rent Delite FAQs page.
  • Start shopping at Rent Delite.


  • Items available for rent: Electronics, TVs, computers, appliances, sporting goods, sunglasses, watches, and more
  • Does YuKeep require a credit check? Not directly specified, but the website states that the company will “utilize a variety of information from consumer reporting agencies to evaluate your approval/denial worthiness.” Most likely, YuKeep will run a credit check.
  • Approval requirements: YuKeep imposes the following requirements for approval:
    • Customers must be 18 years or older.
    • Customers must have a source of income.
    • Customers must have an active bank account or prepaid card.
  • Does YuKeep have penalties for late payments? Not specified; late payments may depend on the specific financing plan that the customer chooses.
  • Perks: YuKeep offers customers benefits including:
    • Lease or rent options, which allows customers to return the product or buy it out.
    • No long-term commitment. Most leases are only five months, but if a customer plans to buy the product, the lease can be extended by an additional seven months using the Flexible Lease Ownership payment plan.
    • Early purchase allows customers to buy the product before the end of the lease term if desired.
    • Flexible lease payments. The customer’s monthly payment amount is based on the frequency of their income and how much of a deposit they want to include in the lease.
  • Learn more on the FAQs page of the YuKeep website.
  • Start shopping at YuKeep.

Online Stores That Offer Extended Payment Plans

Don’t see anything on the list of rent to own websites that interests you? Consider one of the following options. These websites, while not rent to own websites, provide extended payment plans, and they’re very similar to rent to own in the sense that you can get the item right away and pay for it over time.


  • Items available: Home, furniture, and patio; clothing, shoes, and jewelry; health and beauty; sports, fitness, and outdoors; tools and home improvement; babies and kids; toys and video games; electronics and office; automotive; gifts, crafts, and holidays
  • Does Fingerhut require a credit check? No, not for Fingerhut Credit.
  • Approval requirements: Fingerhut offers numerous payment options with varying requirements, but to qualify for Fingerhut Credit, customers must:
    • Earn at least $25,000 a year annually.
    • Have a valid checking or savings account, a payroll card, or a prepaid debit card.
  • Does Fingerhut have penalties for late payments? Yes; late fees can run up to $38.
  • Perks: Fingerhut provides many perks for customers, including:
    • Automatic review for credit line increases.
    • A huge assortment of name-brand items available for Fingerhut Credit financing.
    • Early payoff programs are available.
  • Learn more on the Fingerhut Advantage Credit page of the Fingerhut website and the Fingerhut FAQ page.
  • Start shopping at Fingerhut.


  • Items available: Home, furniture, and patio; clothing, shoes, and jewelry; health and beauty; sports, fitness, and outdoors; tools and home improvement; babies and kids; toys and video games; electronics and office; automotive; and gifts, crafts, and holidays.
  • Does Gettington require a credit check? Yes, but Gettington doesn’t specify a minimum credit score needed to qualify for financing approval.
  • Approval requirements: Gettington does not disclose specific approval requirements for financing options, but the company will review the customer’s credit history when they apply.
  • Does Gettington have penalties for late payments? Yes; late fees can run up to $38.
  • Perks: Gettington offers numerous perks for customers, including:
    • Automatic review for credit line increases.
    • Flexible payment options with low monthly payments available. Monthly payments are determined by the amount of the balance.
    • Minimum payment is 5.5% of the account balance or $20, whichever is greater.
    • Credit/extended payment plans are available for every item on the site.
  • Learn more on the Gettington Terms and Conditions page.
  • Start shopping at Gettington.

HSN (Home Shopping Network)

  • Items available: Fashion, shoes, jewelry, beauty, home, kitchen and food, electronics, crafts, toys and games, and more.
  • Does Home Shopping Network require a credit check? Yes, although HSN doesn’t specify a minimum credit score needed to qualify for FlexPay.
  • Approval requirements: Home Shopping Network doesn’t disclose any particular requirements for FlexPay. However, the company does state that a credit score may be reviewed before a customer is approved.
  • Does Home Shopping Network have penalties for late payments? FlexPay is set up to automatically bill each monthly payment from your credit or debit card. Because FlexPay defaults to automatic payments, the store does not specify any late payment fees.
  • Perks: Home Shopping Network offers several benefits including:
    • The ability to pay for purchases over a period of up to five months.
    • No interest charges or fees for FlexPay.
    • FlexPay is available for all credit card pay types and PayPal accounts.
  • Learn more on the Home Shopping Network FAQs page.
  • Start shopping at HSN.

Rent to Own Stores to Avoid

Based on online reviews from Consumer Affairs and reports from the Better Business Bureau, we recommend being cautious when signing a rent to own agreement with one of these companies:

  • Colortyme (Customer rating: 1 star; BBB rating: A+)
  • Bestway Rent-to-Own (Customer rating: N/A; BBB rating: F)
  • Rent-A-Center (Customer rating: 1.4 stars; BBB rating: C+)
  • Aaron’s (Customer rating: 1.4 stars; BBB rating: A+)
  • Rent-2-Own (Customer rating: 1.4 stars; BBB rating: A+)

In Summary

By now, you should be able to decide whether or not you would benefit from using an online rent to own store. You can also check for smaller, local rent to own stores with brick-and-mortar locations in your town by searching “rent to own stores near me.”

While certain popular online rent to own stores may require some extra caution on your part, there are plenty of legitimate rent to own stores that allow customers the opportunity to get what they need with low monthly payments. If you do decide that rent to own is best for you, just be sure that you don’t miss a payment. Otherwise, you could damage your credit or be charged with a fairly significant late fee.

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