Can I Switch Plasma Donation Centers? Answered

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Short Answer — You can switch plasma donation centers; however, you can’t go back and forth regularly between multiple locations or donate to more than one company at a time. You can switch plasma donation locations by transferring your information within the same company or enrolling as a new donor with a different company. For more details on switching plasma donation centers, see below.

Can I Switch Plasma Donation Centers?

You can switch plasma donation centers, but you can’t switch back and forth between different centers on a regular basis.

You also can’t donate to more than one plasma company at any time; you’ll need to choose one center and become an established donor at that location.

We contacted various plasma donation centers — including BioLife Plasma Services, Biomat USA, BPL Plasma, CSL Plasma, and Grifols Plasma — to confirm this information.

Rules for Switching Plasma Donation Centers

Most plasma donation centers don’t require you to sign a contract or donate a specific number of times.

However, they do prefer that you make your first two plasma donations at the same center before switching; you must make at least two donations before your plasma can be used.[1]

If you switch to a plasma center that is part of the same company as your previous center (such as one closer to your workplace or home), you can transfer your information to the new location.

You may still need to undergo donor setup and screening at the new location.[2][3][4]

When switching to a new plasma donation company altogether, you typically can’t transfer your information. Instead, you’ll need to visit the new center and enroll as a new donor. See our related research for more information about enrolling to donate plasma for money.

Why You Can’t Donate to Multiple Plasma Centers at Once

Plasma donation centers are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, allowing individuals to donate no more than twice within seven days.[5]

Additionally, plasma centers follow the International Quality Plasma Program guidelines, which include tracking individuals who attempt to donate at multiple centers through the Cross Donation Check System.[6][7] These guidelines are designed to protect the health and safety of the donor.

If you’re found to be cross-donating, you’ll be permanently deferred, which will prevent you from donating to any center.[7]

Things to Consider Before Switching Plasma Centers

Before switching plasma centers, you’ll want to consider factors like location, compensation, and rewards.

If you’re moving, your current plasma center may not be available near your new home; see our list of plasma donation centers by region.

Some plasma companies also pay more than others per donation or offer more frequent bonuses, which can give you a good reason to switch. Even within the same company, individual locations set their own compensation rates and run special promotions.[8][9][10]

Note that if you’re staying within the same company and moving to a different location, any rewards points will transfer to your new location. However, if switching to a different company, you’ll forfeit any rewards you’ve earned at your current center.[2][4]

For example, unredeemed OPI Rewards+ points expire three months after your last donation at Octapharma Plasma.[11]

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