How Much Does Biotest Pay for Plasma? (+ How to Make the Most)

Medical technician assisting a plasma donor

If you’ve ever been strapped for cash, you may have considered donating plasma. For many, it’s a simple process that can be completed in just about an hour and a half.

Biotest, one of the larger plasma donation operations in the U.S., operates 22 plasma centers in 12 states. At Biotest, your donation helps create plasma protein therapies for people with debilitating diseases live healthier and more productive lives. We answer, “How much does Biotest pay for plasma?” and more questions below.

How Much Does Biotest Pay for Plasma?

While rates may differ slightly by location and any current promotions, in general, your first five plasma donations at Biotest will earn you $50 each. After your first five donations, you can make $30 to $45 per donation. Biotest allows you to donate up to two times every seven days.

Therefore, you could donate up to 10 times per month, earning up to $450 in your first month. After your first month, you can earn up to $365 a month.

The Biotest in Athens, Georgia, released this Biotest plasma pay scale on their Twitter account, explaining payment per donation. Here’s the Biotest Plasma pay scale for that location:

  • 1st donation of the month: $30
  • 2nd donation of the month: $35
  • 3rd donation of the month: $30
  • 4th donation of the month: $35
  • 5th donation of the month: $35
  • 6th donation of the month: $40
  • 7th donation of the month: $35
  • 8th donation of the month: $35
  • 9th donation of the month: $45
  • 10th donation of the month: $45

Biotest often runs promotions, so you may be eligible to earn even more. Reddit and Instagram users have reported earning up to $60 per donation at Biotest. If you’re looking to make even more cash, convince your friends and family to donate at Biotest because you will be compensated more for each person you refer. Coupons for $10 and $20 bonuses are also available for new donors on Biotest’s website.

What Are the Requirements to Donate at Biotest?

Biotest invites anyone who is generally healthy, over 18 years old, and at least 110 pounds to donate plasma. You will not be allowed to donate for 12 months after receiving a tattoo or piercing. You might also be ineligible if you’ve lived outside the US or traveled to certain countries. You can see more about the requirements on their website. Before donating, you will go through a health screening to ensure you eligible to donate. Keep reading to learn more about the donation process.

What Is the Donation Process Like at Biotest?

The donation process at Biotest consists of four steps: check-in, a health screening, the actual donation, and checkout. Before the health screening, first-time donors will also receive a physical exam and a review of their medical history. With this extra step, your first visit will take between two and four hours. After your initial visit, your visits should take an average of 90 minutes. Just 45 minutes is spent donating plasma. Learn more about each step of the process below.

  • Check-in: When you arrive at a Biotest Plasma Center, check in with the receptionist. You will need to bring a valid photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, or military ID), proof of your social security number, and proof of your current address. Biotest centers are available in AR, FL, GA, IA, NE, NC, NM, OH, PA, TX, SC, and SD. Use the center locator to find one near you.
  • Health screening: A trained technician will check your vitals, including temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. They will also take a small blood sample from your finger to check your iron and protein levels. During this time, tell your technician if you have taken any prescription or over the counter medications, as they can affect your screening.
  • Donating: A staff member will show you the way to a comfortable chair, where you will donate plasma. A technician will disinfect your arm and insert a need in a vein near the inside of your elbow. All that’s left to do is wait! This part of your visit should take about 45 minutes.
  • Checkout: Once you’re done donating, head back to the receptionist to check out. Payments are given monthly via a prepaid Mastercard that you’ll receive on the first visit.

In Summary

If you’ve got the time, donating plasma at Biotest is a pretty simple process that first requires meeting specific physical requirements and passing a physical exam. Once you’re cleared to donate, you can potentially donate up to 10 times in a month, which will earn you as much as $450 in your first month. The Biotest plasma pay scale is pretty generous compared with many other plasma donation companies. For more places to donate plasma, including info about their payment schedules, see our article, Where to Donate Plasma for Money and Earn $500/month.


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