Can you use checks to shop online? Yes, some clothing stores will accept checks or electronic checks as a form of payment for online shopping. Read on to learn more about how you can pay online with checks and which clothing stores will accept checks online. Here’s the list of clothing stores that accept checks online.

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Ways to Pay with Checks Online

Since you can’t hand over a paper check or cash through your computer or phone, online shopping usually requires different payment methods than in-store shopping. Most online stores accept major debit and credit cards as payment, but there are some that will let you pay by check.

Here are three ways you would pay by check at clothing stores that accept checks online.

Paper Check by Mail

In some cases, you may be able to place your order online and then mail a paper check to the company. Once your check has been received and processed, your purchase will be shipped to you.

Electronic Check (eCheck)

Some online stores will allow you to make payments directly from your checking account through electronic funds transfer (EFT), either as an eCheck or bank transfer. Typically, you’ll have to enter your checking account number and your bank’s routing number at checkout rather than a credit or debit card number, or contact your bank to initiate a transfer.

Check via PayPal

You can pay by check online at any store that accepts PayPal, using funds drawn directly from your checking account. For this method, you’ll need to link a PayPal account to your bank account. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Create a free PayPal account online (or log-in if you already have a PayPal account)
  2. Click on “Link a bank or card”
  3. Enter your bank account information. You’ll need both your checking account number and bank routing number, which can both be found printed across the bottom of your paper checks. The routing number is the first nine-digit number, and the checking account number is the second set of numbers.
  4. Verify your checking account: PayPal makes two small deposits of less than $1 to your account. You’ll need to enter these amounts in order to verify your account before you can use PayPal to pay by check. The verification process can take from one to five business days.

Once you’ve verified your checking account, you can use PayPal to pay by check anywhere this payment method is accepted.

Clothing Stores That Accept Checks Online

The following clothing stores accept checks online, using one of the methods described above.

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

2. Aeropostale

3. American Eagle Outfitters

4. Bloomingdale’s

5. H&M

  • Online check method used: PayPal or Invoice — pay within 20 days
  • How to pay by check
    • PayPal: At checkout, select the PayPal option and sign in to your account
    • Invoice — pay within 20 days: Select the Invoice option at checkout and pay for your order within 20 days using a bank transfer to the account number listed. You’ll need to call your bank to initiate a bank transfer.
  • Source: H&M Payments page
  • Start shopping online at H&M

6. JCPenney

7. Macy’s

8. Nine West

9. Nordstrom

10. QVC

  • Online check method used: Paper check by mail
  • How to pay by check: At checkout, choose the “Check/Money Order” option and mail your paper check to the address provided. Your check must be received within 10 days of placing your order or your order will be cancelled.
  • Source: QVC payment method FAQs
  • Start shopping online at QVC

11. Saks Fifth Avenue

12. Target

13. Walmart

  • Online check method used: PayPal or Pay With Cash
  • How to pay by check
    • PayPal: At checkout, select the PayPal option and sign in to your account
    • Pay With Cash: Place your order online and select Pay With Cash at checkout, and then pay with a check in-store at your nearest Walmart location
  • Source: Walmart Accepted Payment Methods
  • Start shopping online at Walmart

Clothing Stores That Don’t Accept Checks Online

While there are some clothing stores that accept checks online, others will only accept debit, credit, or gift cards for online payments. The following stores do not accept checks for online purchases, although they will typically accept paper checks for in-store purchases.

  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Big Lots
  • Gap
  • Kmart
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Old Navy
  • Sears

In Summary

If you don’t have a debit or credit card or simply prefer to use checks for shopping, you can make online purchases at many clothing stores and pay by check. Most online clothing stores that accept checks use PayPal to process check payments, but a few stores accept electronic checks or allow you to mail paper checks for online purchase.