Even though personal checks are an ever less common way of paying for your purchases, there are still several online retailers that accept them. Usually, you’ll have to mail in your personal check, but a few sites let you pay with a check electronically. The process of paying with a personal check is usually slower, especially if you have to mail in a paper check, because it will take longer to process your order and verify the check.

An alternative way to pay with your checking account is to sign up for PayPal, link your account, and select it at the checkout on participating sites. With PayPal, you can pay directly with your checking account, essentially paying with an electronic check. Over 1,000 online retailers accept PayPal.

Paying by check used to be more common, but it’s been going out of style. Pay by check has been removed from a lot of online retail sites — Kohl’s, Sears, Big Lots, and Staples have all removed the option. We tracked down the sites that still accept personal checks for online purchases, along with instructions on how to pay with a check at each! Note: If you simply want to know where you can shop in-person using checks, take a look at our article What Stores Accept Personal Checks? Here’s a Large List.

Shopping Sites That Accept Checks

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Shopping Site Accepts Personal Checks Accepts eChecks
Appliances Connection Yes, by phone Yes, via PayPal
B&H Photo Video Yes, by phone Yes, via PayPal
Best Buy No Yes, via PayPal
Cabela’s Yes, by mail Yes, but not through PayPal or PayPal Wallet
Foot Locker Yes, for purchases less than $500 Yes, via PayPal
Fry’s Electronics Yes, by mail No
Nordstrom No Yes, via PayPal
Oriental Trading Yes, by mail No
Overstock.com No Yes, via PayPal
ProFlowers Yes, by mail No
QVC Yes, by mail No (but PayPal Credit is accepted)
Samsung Yes No
SmartBargains Yes, by mail Yes, via PayPal
Target No Yes, via PayPal and ApplePay
Vistaprint Yes, by mail Yes, via PayPal
Walmart Yes, through the Pay With Cash program Yes, via PayPal

1. Amazon

  • How to pay by personal check: At the Shipping & Payment stage of the checkout process, select “add a checking account.” You’ll then be prompted to enter your routing number, account number, name, address. and driver’s license or state ID number.
  • Source: Assign a Checking Account as a Payment Option

2. Appliances Connection

  • How to pay by personal check: Call (800) 299-9470 to set up a payment by personal check. Once the check clears (which typically takes about a week), the order will be shipped.
  • Source: Appliance Connection Payment Options

3. B&H Photo Video

  • How to pay by personal check: Call B&H’s customer service phone line at (800) 952-3386 to pay by personal check. When you call, B&H will create a quote and provide instructions on how write your quote number on the check and mail it to them, so they can reference the payment with the transaction.
  • Source: B&H Payment Options

4. Cabela’s

  • How to pay by personal check: Customers can set up payment by electronic check by calling Cabela’s customer service at (800) 237-4444.
  • Source: Cabela’s Payment Options

5. eBay

  • How to pay by personal check: For items in certain categories such as Motors or Real Estate, or items to be picked up in person, sellers can also offer to accept personal checks. If the seller has opted to accept personal checks, you’ll see this as a payment option after making a successful bid on an auction item or checking out for fixed price items.
  • Source: eBay Paying for Items

6. Foot Locker

  • How to pay by personal check: Print and fill in the Mail-in Order Form with your personal check. Starter checks and checks above $500.00 aren’t accepted. Checks must be (1) made payable to Foot Locker; (2) received within 15 days of the date on the check, and (3) have your name, street address (no PO Box), and daytime phone printed on the check. If your check doesn’t have your name, address, or phone, you should print it the upper left-hand corner and initial any alterations. Checks must be signed by the same name printed on check. All personal checks are subject to address and bank verification and Certegy screening. If your check gets returned by your bank for non-sufficient funds, Foot Locket will charge you a $25 service fee.
  • Source: Foot Locker Payment Information

7. Fry’s Electronics

  • How to pay by personal check: Call (408) 350-1484 to place the order by phone, then mail a personal check to Fry’s Electronics, Dept #33521, P.O. Box 39000, San Francisco, CA 94139. If the items in your order are in stock, your order will be shipped after Fry’s receives your check and after a minimum 10 business day waiting period.
  • Source: Fry’s Payment Methods

8. Oriental Trading

  • How to pay by personal check: Download, print, and fill out the Oriental Trading order form and mail it, along with your check to ORIENTAL TRADING CO., INC., P. O. Box 2308, Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2308. Your current address must be printed on your check; if there is a PO Box printed on your check, you should write your physical address on the check as well. If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, Oriental Trading will assess a service charge of $20.
  • Source: Oriental Trading’s Order Form instructions

9. QVC

  • How to pay by personal check: At check out, select the option for “check/money order,” select continue, and then “place order” on the final screen. Once the order has been placed online, QVC will give you the address to send your check to, and an order number, which you must write on your check. Note that customers must check out using their password to be able to pay by check. If QVC does not receive the check within 10 days, the order will be canceled.
  • Source: QVC payment method FAQs

10. Samsung

  • How to pay by personal check: If you choose to pay by check, money order, or wire transfer, you will receive instructions on how to send your payment once you submit your order.
  • Source: Samsung Order Information

11. SmartBargains

  • How to pay by personal check: At checkout, choose the option to pay manually by check. Make your check out to SmartBargains.com and mail it to SmartBargains.com, Attn: Accounting Dept, 101 S State Road 7, Suite 201, Hollywood, FL, 33023. Your name and address must be printed on the front of the check. Your order will be shipped once your check is received and verified.
  • Source: SmartBargains Orders and Payments

12. Vistaprint

  • How to pay by personal check: At checkout, on the payments page, select “mail a paper check.” Pay by check is available for orders over $10. Make the check payable to Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. and write your order number on the check, then mail it to Vistaprint Netherlands B.V., PO Box 842882, Boston, MA 02284-2882, USA. Your check must be written off a U.S. bank account. The order will be processed only after the check clears, and will only be shipped after it’s been processed.
  • Source: Search Help page on Vistaprint’s website

13. Walmart

  • How to pay by personal check: Walmart.com accepts checks via the Pay With Cash program. When placing an order online, choose “Pay With Cash” at checkout. Then visit their local Walmart to pay with a personal check. The order will ship after payment is made at the register. Note that Pay With Cash is not available for every item.
  • Source: Pay with Cash on Walmart.com

14. Wayfair

Stores That Accept PayPal

Paypal is an online wallet app that will allows you to pay directly with your checking account at over 1,000 online retailers. To pay with PayPal, you must first sign up for a PayPal account. Then, go to your PayPal wallet and select “link a card or bank.” From there, you can either log in to your bank account to connect instantly or enter your routing number and account number to verify in a couple days. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to select PayPal at checkout and pay with your checking account directly at any online retailer that accepts PayPal.

The following stores, some of the largest online retailers, accept checks electronically via PayPal.

Remember, there are over 1,000 online retailers who accept PayPal, these are some of the largest, but see the complete list of stores that accept PayPal for more.

Stores That Don’t Accept Personal Checks, eChecks, or PayPal

To keep you from wondering whether we just neglected to mention one of your favorite sites, we’ve put together this list of other large e-commerce sites that don’t accept eChecks, personal checks, or PayPal. Typically, these sites only accept payments from major credit cards like MasterCard, Discover, Visa, etc.

In Summary

These days, there are few online retail stores that will accept a personal check. Usually, if they do accept a check, you’ll have to mail it in, and then wait an extra week or two for your order to process. The time it takes to receive your order will be much longer than if you paid by credit card. A quicker alternative is to create a PayPal account and link your checking account. This allows you to pay by electronic check at over 1,000 stores. Online shopping is more difficult, but not impossible, if you don’t have a debit or credit card that you can use online.