Do gas stations take checks?

These days, with the usage of credit cards and debit cards now nearly universal, it’s very rare to find a gas station that still accepts personal checks. But there are still plenty of people out there who handle their purchases with old-fashioned paper checks, so we’ve done our best to track down any information we could find about paying by check at gas stations.

We investigated the biggest gas station chains to find out whether checks are accepted as payment. We also compiled information about where to find locations near you, as well as what other payment methods or rewards programs are offered at each establishment. Included in this list are direct links to sections of gas station websites where payment policies are discussed, and references to third party sites that have potentially useful information.

If you’re interested in paying by check at stores other than gas stations, such as restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, retail stores, and more, check out this article which contains a huge list of stores that accept checks as payment.

Included in This Article:

Gas Stations That Take Checks

Gas stations that accept checks are few and far between. After extensive research, we could only find one gas station that definitively accepts checks as a company-wide policy, and two more that often accept checks (but do not necessarily accept checks at every single location, or have restrictions on the checks that are accepted). Here are the only gas stations that take checks…


  • Accepts Checks? We called a number of Citgo stations and found that while some locations did not accept checks at all, others accepted local checks, and some accept any personal checks. Please contact your local Citgo location to find out if checks are accepted forms of payment at your location.
  • Ways to Save: Citgo has a dedicated credit card which offers perks for regular customers.
  • Locations: Find a Citgo near you.


  • Accepts Checks? Yes. Personal checks can be used for payment and may be written up to $5 over the purchase amount at the gas station.
  • Ways to Save: Join the mPerks program
  • Locations: Find a Meijer store near you.

Kwik Trip

  • Accepts Checks? A Kwik Trip representative informed us that local checks are generally accepted as a form of payment. Contact your local Kwik Trip for more details about the policy at that location.
  • Ways to Save: Visit the In-Store Specials page of the Kwik Trip website for current promotions and deals.
  • Locations: Find a Kwik Trip near you.

Gas Stations That Do Not Take Checks

These are gas stations that we’ve determined, either through the company’s website or through phone calls, do not accept checks.


  • Accepts Checks? We contacted numerous locations in several different states, and none accepted personal checks. A definitive policy is not published on the 76 website, but it looks unlikely that the company accepts checks.
  • Ways to Save: 76 has an array of options for obtaining discounts on your gas.
  • Locations: Find a 76 Station near you.


  • Accepts Checks? No. According to Costco Gasoline’s Q&A page, cash or checks are not accepted. The positive of this is that the need for a cashier has been successfully eliminated in order to shorten customer wait times.
  • Ways to Save: Check out the Costco rewards program.
  • Locations: Find a Costco gas location near you

Kum & Go

  • Accepts Checks? No. As of 2013, Kum & Go locations stopped accepting checks as a form of payment in all locations in an effort to speed up service.
  • Ways to Save: Join the Kum & Go Rewards program
  • Locations: Kum & Go gas stations has locations in 11 western and mid-western states. Find a Kum & Go near you.

Sam’s Club

  • Accepts Checks? According to the corporate office, the gas stations at Sam’s Club do not accept checks.
  • Ways to Save: Open up a Sam’s Club card. Additionally, Walmart is separating from the Sam’s Club chain of gas stations so look out for new policies.
  • Location: Find a Sam’s Club gas station near you.

Stop & Shop

  • Accepts Checks? According to a customer service representative, checks are not accepted at gas stations associated with Stop & Shop.
  • Ways to Save: The best value for your money is to use gas reward points when you shop at Stop & Shop.
  • Locations: Find a Stop & Shop gas station near you.

Texaco and Chevron

  • Accepts Checks? While there’s nothing definitively stated on the Texaco/Chevron website, we called a number of locations in different states, and none accepted checks.
  • Ways to Save: Check out this list of possible ways to save on gas with these locations.
  • Locations: Find a Texaco/Chevron near you.

Gas Stations That May or May Not Take Checks

To save you as much time as possible, we’ve called every gas station that did not have an official policy on the company website stating whether checks were accepted. In many cases, there’s no uniform company policy on accepting checks, and it’s up to the individual gas station to decide whether checks are an acceptable form of payment.

To avoid confusion and possible frustration when you arrive at the pump, we recommend that you call ahead before visiting any of the following gas stations intending to pay by check. Oftentimes a gas station will post ‘No checks accepted’ on the storefront or at the pumps if that’s the policy — however, don’t assume that checks are accepted if you don’t see a sign! It’s always better to find out ahead of time, before filling your car up with gas, than to later discover you have no way to pay for it. The location finders we’ve provided for each brand can help you find the contact information and phone number for your local gas station.


  • Accepts Checks? We called a number of 7-Eleven stores with gas stations. Some did not accept checks at all, while others accepted certain types of checks. Please contact your local 7-Eleven to find out which, if any, checks are accepted at that location.
  • Ways to Save: Visit the 7Rewards loyalty program page.
  • Locations: Find a 7-Eleven near you.

Exxon Mobil

  • Accepts Checks? We contacted the corporate office for Exxon Mobil and learned that each Exxon Mobil gas station is individually owned and operated, so policies will vary at each location.
  • Ways to Save: Many forms of payment are accepted as listed on the Exxon Mobile website, including consumer and commercial credit cards, Speedpass, gift cards, and gas cards.
  • Locations: Find an Exxon Mobil near you.


  • Accepts Checks? We called the corporate office and found that each store sets is own policies about accepting checks. Based on the representative’s advice, it’s uncommon, but not impossible, to find a Shell that accepts checks.
  • Ways to Save: Check out the many ways you can save with Shell
  • Locations: Find a Shell near you.


  • Accepts Checks? We contacted a number of TA-Petro locations and found that most do not accept checks, but some will for diesel fuel purchases. Please contact your local TA-Petro to find out if checks are accepted there and for what types of purchases.
  • Ways to Save: Check out the various Payment Options at TA.
  • Locations: Find a TA near you.


  • Accepts Checks? According to Sunoco’s corporate office, it’s up to each individual location to determine its check policy. We called several locations and found many that did not accept checks, but some that did. Please contact your local Sunoco to find out whether checks are accepted at that particular location.
  • Ways to Save: Check out the many ways you can save at Sunoco.
  • Locations: Find a Sunoco near you.

Gas Stations That Accept Checks: Final Thoughts

Do gas stations that accept checks? Rarely. In fact, the only one that we could find that definitely accepts check as standard policy is Meijer’s gas stations. Citgo also accepts checks at some, but not all, of the company’s locations. Other gas stations, like Costco and Kum & Go, have explicitly stated that checks are not accepted. The remaining major gas station chains fall somewhere in between.

Now that the majority of shoppers have a debit card or credit card of some sort in their wallet, many gas station companies are unwilling to take the extra risk and hassle of allowing checks as a payment method. Of course, if you have any questions, it’s always worth using the location finders we’ve provided to call up your local gas station and ask if your check will be accepted.