Does Del Taco Take EBT/SNAP? Payment Policy Detailed

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Short Answer — Del Taco takes EBT at some locations in California but not in other states. CalFresh recipients who are homeless, disabled, or elderly can pay with EBT at participating California restaurants.

Does Del Taco Take EBT?

Select Del Taco locations in California accept EBT under the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP).[1][2]

We confirmed this information with customer service representatives for Del Taco and by checking the list of approved restaurants for each state that has an RMP.

Qualifying for the RMP

The RMP allows those who are homeless, disabled, or elderly (age 60 or older) and their spouses to purchase prepared foods with EBT.[3]

You don’t need to fill out a separate application for the RMP — you’ll automatically be able to use your EBT card at participating restaurants as long as you meet at least one of the criteria listed above.[4]

If you live in California and want to confirm your eligibility before visiting Del Taco, you can contact CalFresh Information at (877) 847-3663 or visit your county social services office.[3]

Outside of the RMP, prepared foods aren’t eligible for purchase with EBT (as previously reported).

Finding a Participating Del Taco

California’s RMP is available statewide, but individual restaurants must receive approval to participate.[3]

To find out if your local Del Taco accepts EBT, you can contact the restaurant directly or check California’s EBT locator.

To use the EBT locator, enter your location, select “FILTERS” at the top right, and check the “Restaurants” box to see the available options.[2]

How to Use EBT at Del Taco

To use your EBT card at a participating Del Taco, let your cashier know whether you want to pay for all or part of your meal with CalFresh benefits.[1]

You can then use your EBT card with the regular card reader just like you would when paying by credit or debit card.[1][5]

If you’re only paying for part of your meal with your EBT card, you can pay the remaining amount with cash, a debit card, or a credit card.[1]

Declined Transactions

If the card reader declines your EBT transaction, you can contact California EBT customer service at (877) 328-9677 to report the problem and find out why.[4]

Other Restaurants That Take EBT

For those who live outside of California or aren’t near a participating Del Taco, see the list of more fast food that takes EBT.

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