Does Menards Make Keys? Answered

Entrance to a Menards store

Short Answer — Menards offers key cutting services through KeyMe kiosks inside its stores. KeyMe can scan and duplicate door, vehicle, specialty, and occasionally electronic keys. You can copy most keys in a matter of minutes at the kiosk.

Does Menards Make Keys?

Most Menards locations offer key-cutting services through KeyMe kiosks.

We contacted 29 Menards stores throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin to confirm that they offer key cutting, and all had KeyMe kiosks available. Menards also lists KeyMe as a retail partner on its website.

Key Prices

Brass house keys start at $3, standard car keys start at approximately $20, and electronic keys start at $70. Shipping is free for all keys that KeyMe must mail to you.

Exact vehicle key prices depend on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Individual kiosks can provide prices for specific vehicles. You can also call (855) 343-5776 to speak to a representative who can tell you the price of a key for your vehicle.

Kiosk Locations

KeyMe Kiosks at Menards are typically located near the millworks section, which includes items such as doors, windows, and various building materials, customer service representatives said.

Aisle numbers vary from store to store; aisles 130, 132, and 134 most commonly contain the kiosks, but sometimes you can find them in aisles 108 or 117.

Key-Making Process

You can duplicate most keys in a matter of minutes at a KeyMe kiosk by selecting the type of key you want to copy, inserting the original key, and paying with a credit or debit card.

Key types range from regular house keys to vehicle keys to specialty keys such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, mailbox, or padlock keys.

The KeyMe kiosks at Menards offer several decorative key options and more than 100 designs. Some (but not all) kiosks will also allow you to duplicate electronic fobs and RFID badges.

Additionally, if you create an account, you can order copies of your scanned keys for delivery by mail using the KeyMe iOS or Android app. KeyMe always sends electronic and specialty keys to you through the mail and cannot produce them at a kiosk.

If your key requires programming, you can also use a KeyMe kiosk to book an appointment with a professional technician.

Duplicate Key Guarantee

KeyMe provides a 100% guarantee on duplicate keys. If your new key doesn’t work, contact KeyMe at (855) 397-6740 or for assistance.

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