Lowe’s Lock Rekey Services Detailed: Availability, Cost, and More

Exterior of a Lowe's storefront

Short Answer

Lowe’s rekeys locks at most of its store locations, though it can’t rekey all lock brands. It also sells rekeying kits so customers can change their own locks. See below for more information on rekey services and kits at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Lock Rekey Services

You can get a lock rekeyed at many (but not all) Lowe’s store locations.[1]

However, not all brands of locks are eligible for rekeying. Customer service representatives told us that Schlage and Kwikset locks are among the most popular brands that Lowe’s can rekey, where services are available.

You can contact your local Lowe’s store to find out if it offers the service and whether or not it can rekey your specific lock.


The cost to have a lock rekeyed at Lowe’s is typically around $5.[1]

You can pay by credit card, debit card, cash, check, or gift card.[1]

In-Store Rekey Process

To have your lock rekeyed at Lowe’s, you should remove the lock from the door and take it to the Lowe’s hardware department.[1]

This is often an easier and more cost-effective way to change a lock without replacing it entirely.

Rekeying changes the configuration inside an existing lock to conform to a new key. After rekeying, all previous keys for the lock will be inoperable.

If you need new keys to fit your rekeyed lock, check out our list of places to get keys made (including Lowe’s).

Lowe’s Rekey Kits

Alternatively, if you prefer to do the work yourself, you can purchase a rekeying kit from Lowe’s in-store or online.

The kits allow you to rekey your own locks without having to bring the lock into a store for the service, and you can save money — if you have several locks to rekey — by using the same kit to rekey multiple locks.

  1. Lowe’s customer service (800) 445-6937[][][][]


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