AutoZone Brake Rotor & Pad Warranty Explained in Plain Language

Short Answer: AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty on brake pads and rotors allows for a replacement or a full refund if the part fails during the warranty period. Additionally, when brake pads wear down, AutoZone will replace them under the limited lifetime warranty. For more information on AutoZone’s brake pad and rotor warranties, see below.

AutoZone Brake Pad Warranty & AutoZone Rotor Warranty

Brake pads and rotors at AutoZone come with a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty typically covers a replacement or full refund if a part under warranty fails.[1] In the case of brake pads, you can return them with any amount of wear to AutoZone for a free replacement under the limited lifetime warranty.

We contacted AutoZone locations in Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming to find out more about the AutoZone brake warranty on pads and rotors.

Warranty Time Frames

Each AutoZone part has a specific warranty time period, which will appear on your receipt once you purchase the part.

While warranty lengths vary by part, the AutoZone brake pad warranty typically lasts the duration of your ownership of the vehicle.[2] The Duralast brake pads warranty follows the same policy, including for Duralast Gold brake pads.[3] The AutoZone rotor warranty also typically lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle.[2]

Due to consumer protection laws, warranty specifics may also vary by state. Your state may offer more or less protection than the standard AutoZone brake parts warranty.[4] For example, some states do not allow warranty or damage time limits, so the AutoZone limited lifetime warranty limits and exclusions may not apply to you.

Warranty Exclusions

Damage from abuse, misuse, improper installation, or other defective parts will exclude the part from qualifying for the warranty replacement or refund. Additionally, AutoZone may deny your warranty claim due to commercial, off-road, or marine use.[1]

How to Use the AutoZone Brake & Rotor Warranty

When you purchase a part that comes with a warranty at AutoZone, the system automatically saves that information in AutoZone’s national warranty database. Once your brake pads wear down and need replacing, simply remove them (or have a professional remove them) and return them to AutoZone. Likewise, if your rotor breaks during the warranty period, all you need to do is bring it to any AutoZone store, and you will receive a replacement or full refund.[5]

If you get a replacement, your warranty will also cover the replacement part for the longer of 90 days or the remainder of the original warranty period.[1]

Other Warranties and Services at AutoZone

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