AutoZone Price Match Policy Explained

Replacing car parts yourself can save you money, and AutoZone can be a convenient place to pick up replacements for the job.

Price matching can help you save more money if you prefer to shop at AutoZone but see a lower price at a different store.

Exterior of an AutoZone store

AutoZone offers price matching with other nearby auto parts retailers for in-store purchases. However, it doesn’t price match online competitors.[1]

I explain AutoZone’s price match policy below, plus list other auto parts stores that offer price matching.

AutoZone Price Match Policy

AutoZone offers price matching in stores, but the items must be an exact match.[1]

Note that price matching is only available when shopping in person — not online.[1]

I confirmed this information by contacting AutoZone stores in California, Kansas, and Michigan.

To request a price match, bring proof of the lower price to your local store.[1]

Stores AutoZone Will Match

Your local AutoZone will match the prices at other auto parts retailers in your area, including major competitors like Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and NAPA.[1]

Select locations will price match other types of retailers, such as Walmart, and some won’t.[1]

AutoZone generally does not price match with online retailers like Amazon and RockAuto.[1]

If you want to request price matching with a store that doesn’t exclusively sell auto parts, it’s best to call your local AutoZone before visiting.


As noted above, AutoZone requires that the items at its store and the competitor’s store be an exact match. This includes brand, model, and warranty information.[1]

If the items are only similar (for example, the same brand but a different model), you won’t get a discounted price.[1]

Price matching also isn’t available for clearance items.[1]

Tip: Veterans and active duty military members can save even more money with AutoZone’s 10% military discount. To qualify, you must provide proof of your military service.[1]

Similar Stores That Price Match

If AutoZone is unable to provide a price match, you may be able to get a price match at one of the following places:

  • Advance Auto Parts[2]
  • Discount Tire[3]
  • NAPA[4]
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts[5]
  • Pep Boys[6]


Does an item have to be in stock for price matching?

No, you can still receive price matching on an item that’s out of stock. However, you must pay for it before AutoZone orders it to receive price matching.[1]

Can you use a coupon when price matching?

Yes, you can still use valid coupons when price matching.[1]

Will AutoZone price match after a purchase is complete?

No, you can’t get a partial refund if you find a better price after making your purchase. This practice is called “price adjustment,” which AutoZone doesn’t offer.[1]

In Summary

AutoZone price matches local auto parts stores and may price match other retailers, depending on the location. It doesn’t price match online competitors.[1]

Price matching is only available at AutoZone when shopping in-store and it doesn’t price match clearance items from other sellers.[1]

You can also price match at other auto parts dealers, such as Advance Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts.[2][5]

Be sure to leave any questions you have or share your thoughts about price matching at AutoZone in the comments section below.

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