NAPA vs. AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts vs. O’Reilly Auto Parts

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NAPA Auto Parts, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts all sell car parts, but their store policies and services differ.

AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly offer free in-store pickup and free shipping on online orders, but offer limited in-store services; meanwhile, NAPA has affiliated service centers that offer a Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty.

Below, we have more details of how Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and NAPA Auto Parts compare in terms of inventory, pricing, services, and customer reviews.

What We Recommend

As mentioned above, each auto parts store has different specialties.

If you need to have your car serviced, NAPA is likely your best option, since it offers full-service repair centers.

However, if you’re looking for the widest selection of auto parts that you can find in stores or have them shipped to a store on the same day, AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts have comparable offerings in this area.

If you need a combination of basic repair services and retail shopping, O’Reilly’s stores offer several free services as well as a wide selection of parts and products.

Comparison Table

We’ve reviewed the following categories to point out the differences and similarities between NAPA, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly: inventory and pricing, service centers, and customer opinions.

See the table below for a quick comparison, then choose any company or scroll for more details.

Company Offers in-store pickup? Offers free shipping? Offers price matching? Offers repair services? BBB Rating
NAPA Auto PartsYes Yes, on in-stock orders over $35 Varies by location Yes; has full-service repair shops D-
AutoZoneYes, available same-day for in-stock items Yes, for qualifying items Yes, in stores No, but will do small installations like brake lights A+
Advance Auto PartsYes, as soon as 30 minutes after ordering online for in-stock items Yes, on orders over $35 Yes, in stores and online No, but offers in-store services like battery testing and installation A+
O'Reilly Auto PartsYes, for most items Yes, on orders over $35 Yes, in stores No, but offers in-store services like battery testing and bulb changes B
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The List

NAPA Auto Parts

Inventory and Pricing

NAPA Auto Parts stores are individually owned and operated, so product inventory may vary by location — and parts listed online won’t necessarily be available at your local NAPA Auto Parts.[1]

You can, however, search for parts by entering the year, make, and model of your vehicle on NAPA’s website. You can then order online, order for store pickup, or contact your nearest NAPA Auto Parts to see if it has the item in stock.

For online orders, NAPA offers free shipping on in-stock orders of $35 or more.[2]

Price Matching and Savings

NAPA doesn’t have a companywide price matching program, but, locally, some NAPA Auto Parts stores may price match with local competitors. This policy will vary by location.[3]

Other NAPA savings opportunities include monthly specials and rebates.

Service Centers

NAPA Auto Care Centers are full-service repair shops.[4]

NAPA Auto Care Centers offer a free Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty. The warranty covers qualifying parts and labor for 24 months or 24,000 miles and is honored at every NAPA Auto Care location nationwide.[4]

To find your nearest NAPA Auto Care Center, use the shop locator.

Consumer Ratings

NAPA Auto Parts has a D- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with a mix of positive and negative customer reviews and more than 80 complaints.[5]

The complaints range from advertising and billing to problems with products or services.[5]

NAPA has responded to and resolved most of the complaints listed.[5]


Inventory and Pricing

You can search for specific parts for your car on AutoZone’s website when you select “Add a Vehicle.”

AutoZone offers same-day, in-store pickup for parts that are available at your nearest AutoZone.[6]

Some items are also eligible for free next-day delivery.[7]

Price Matching and Savings

AutoZone doesn’t price match online pricing but will price match any competitor that has a physical store location, as long as you have proof of the competitor’s price. Find out more about AutoZone price matching.

AutoZone also offers regular deals and in-store rebates.

Service Centers

AutoZone does not have its own repair shops. It will do things like replace brake lights (most of the time) and install batteries, but AutoZone doesn’t offer more complex services like changing your oil.

It does, however, refer customers to local mechanics in its Shop Referral Program. To find a repair shop referral near you, use AutoZone’s Find a Repair Shop tool.

Note that individual repair shops will have their own warranty and protection policies.[8]

Consumer Ratings

AutoZone has an A+ rating from the BBB, but most of the customer reviews are negative.[9]

AutoZone has more than 100 BBB complaints over the past three years, mostly involving product warranties and delivery issues with online orders. Most complaints were responded to and resolved by AutoZone.[9]

Advance Auto Parts

Inventory and Pricing

The Advance Auto Parts website allows you to add a vehicle when searching for products online; you’ll need to enter the vehicle type (car/truck or motorcycle), year, make, model, and engine.

Store pickup is available as soon as 30 minutes after you reserve the item online, as long as it’s in stock.[10]

Additionally, free shipping is available for orders over $35 to any address in the continental U.S.[11]

Price Matching and Savings

Advance Auto Parts will price match as long as the product is identical or highly similar and in-stock from the competitor.[12]

Advance Auto Parts stores doesn’t match online competitors, only brick-and-mortar stores.[12]

For any price match in-store or online, you must provide proof of the competitor’s current, valid lower price for approval by an Advance Auto Parts team member.[12]

Advance Auto Parts’ savings opportunities include coupons and exclusive savings for Speed Perks members.

Service Centers

Advance Auto Parts doesn’t operate repair shops, but it does offer a mechanic locator on its website.

Advance Auto Parts also offers in-store services, including battery testing, battery installation, check engine light scanning, loaner tools, starter and alternator testing, oil and battery recycling, and wiper blade installation.[13]

These services are available at most Advance Auto Parts locations and are free of charge, though installation services do require you to purchase your battery or wiper blades from Advance Auto Parts.[13]

Consumer Ratings

Advance Auto Parts is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating, but has had over 300 complaints in the past three years.[14]

Though some of the criticisms refer to limited warranty coverage and online payment issues, the majority of the complaints are related to defective products.[14]

Advance Auto Parts’ BBB profile shows a history of resolving these claims by offering full refunds.[14]

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Inventory and Pricing

O’Reilly Auto Parts allows you to search its inventory online by product, category, brand, or part number.[15]

You can browse by category, too, and filter the category or search results to fit your vehicle.[15]

Most items listed on the O’Reilly website are available for free store pickup; if the item isn’t in stock, O’Reilly can ship it to the store within 24 to 48 hours.[16]

If you prefer to ship the item to your home, O’Reilly also offers free next-day delivery on qualifying online orders over $35.[16]

Price Matching and Savings

O’Reilly will price match in-store purchases with identical items from brick-and-mortar competitors.[17]

Service Centers

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers a selection of free services at its stores: battery testing, bulb installation, check engine light testing, fluid and battery recycling, starter and alternator testing, and wiper blade installation.[18]

Select stores offer the additional services of custom-built hydraulic hoses, custom paint mixing, drum and rotor surfacing, and tool rental for a fee.[18]

To find a repair shop near you, O’Reilly has an Automotive Service Professional locator tool.

Consumer Ratings

O’Reilly Auto Parts is not BBB-accredited and has a B rating.[19]

There are over 200 complaints in the past three years. The retailer does answer and resolve issues through the BBB.[19]

Common complaints include denial of warranty claims and defective parts. The company’s profile shows that these issues are often resolved through exchanges and refunds.[19]

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