Does AutoZone Install Batteries? AutoZone Battery Installation Policy

Short Answer: AutoZone offers free battery installation services if you purchase a new car battery from AutoZone. However, if your vehicle’s battery is difficult to access or requires removal of other components, AutoZone may not install your new battery. For more on AutoZone’s complimentary battery services, see below.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone offers battery installation when you purchase a new car battery from AutoZone, customer service representatives said. Installation services are free with the purchase of your new battery. However, AutoZone may not install the battery under certain conditions. If installation requires the associate to remove other components from the car, you may need to have the battery installed elsewhere. Additionally, AutoZone may not install the battery if it is located in an unusual spot, such as in the wheel well or under a seat.

AutoZone will not install a car battery purchased from a different retailer, such as O’Reilly Auto Parts or Walmart. AutoZone car battery prices vary, but they typically range in price from $50 to $120; premium batteries cost anywhere from $90 to $200.

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Other Battery Services at AutoZone

In addition to installation, AutoZone offers free battery testing while the battery is still in your car, and provides free battery charging while you wait. Store services vary by location, so contact your nearest AutoZone prior to visiting.

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  • Just bought a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and the battery is in the wheel well. If I buy a new battery from AutoZone will they change this for me?

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Jody! Unfortunately, AutoZone typically will not install the battery if it is located in the wheel well. We have updated our article to reflect this.