Eddie Bauer Warranty Policy (Is There a Lifetime Warranty?)

Entrance to an Eddie Bauer store

Short Answer — Eddie Bauer will replace products if they’re defective or fail due to manufacturing. Most store locations uphold this policy a year from the purchase date, but select stores continue to follow Eddie Bauer’s previous lifetime warranty policy, which doesn’t expire.

Eddie Bauer Warranty Policy

Eddie Bauer’s satisfaction guarantee states that if your product fails, Eddie Bauer will replace it. For more details, we contacted Eddie Bauer stores in California, Florida, New York, and South Dakota, as well as representatives for EddieBauer.com.

Generally, Eddie Bauer will honor its satisfaction guarantee as long as you purchased the item within the last year, customer service representatives said.

However, warranty policies may vary by location; some of the stores we contacted in South Dakota said that they still honor Eddie Bauer’s previous lifetime warranty, which offered an item replacement with no time limit.

Item Condition

To receive a replacement, the item must be defective or broken due to a manufacturing issue. Eddie Bauer will not exchange items that have worn out due to regular use, mishandling, or abuse.

For example, the retailer will replace backpacks and luggage if there is a faulty zipper, torn strap, or button that wasn’t attached properly.

This policy also applies to other items like shoes, coats, and camping gear.

Replacement vs. Refund

Usually, stores will offer to replace items outright under the satisfaction guarantee; if the item isn’t in stock, you can ask for store credit instead.

Stores that continue to follow the lifetime warranty will replace your item with a new one or offer a full or partial store credit (depending on the item’s condition) any time after purchase. If you receive a replacement, the new item will have up to a one-year guarantee.

Ultimately, the final decision of whether or not to accept a warranty return is up to the individual store and its management. Before returning a defective item to Eddie Bauer, you may want to call your local store to confirm its policies.

Replacement Process

Eddie Bauer’s replacement process is the same process you’d use to make an in-store or online return or exchange.

It’s best to bring your receipt with you to get an in-store replacement. If you lost or can’t find your receipt, Eddie Bauer might still replace your item but will only offer 50% of the item’s original value as store credit.

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