Sell Damaged Cars to CarMax? Does CarMax Buy Salvage Cars? Answered

CarMax will buy a vehicle in almost any condition — including salvage and damaged cars. The company will sell vehicles with severe damage and/or a salvage title at dealer auctions. For more on damaged cars, salvage titles, and CarMax’s car-buying policy, see below.

Does CarMax Buy Damaged Cars?

Yes, CarMax buys damaged vehicles. You can indeed sell damaged cars to CarMax. In a CarMax advertising campaign, the company boasts: “We Buy All The Cars.”

Of course, any damage will be taken into consideration when CarMax makes you a written offer for your vehicle. And, any cars with extensive damage will be sold at dealer auctions, and all known car defects are disclosed during such auctions.

Does CarMax Buy Salvage Cars?

Does CarMax buy salvage cars? Yes, CarMax also buys vehicles with a salvage title. While the CarMax website doesn’t provide any information on salvage vehicles, we called the company’s Boynton Beach, Fla., location and spoke with a company representative who confirmed that CarMax does, indeed, take salvage cars.

But you won’t find salvage cars on a CarMax retail lot. Salvage cars are also sold at dealer auctions.

What Is a Salvage Title?

Once a car has experienced damage that, depending on your state, ranges from 75 to 90% of its value, it is issued a salvage title.

A vehicle with a salvage title hasn’t necessarily been involved in an accident. It may have been in a flood or suffered extensive hail damage. (Some states have a distinct “hail damage” section on a title, while others simply declare the car salvage.) Stolen cars that have been recovered after an insurer has already paid the claim are also declared salvage.

Of course, if the vehicle was in an accident, you can rebuild a car with a salvage certificate and apply for a new title once the repairs are complete. In most states, the car will be required to pass an inspection.

In Summary

CarMax will buy damaged cars and cars with salvage titles. It often sells them at dealer auctions. A salvage title is issued to a car that has experienced damage amounting to 75 to 90% of its value. For more, see our article: Where to Find Rebuilt Title Cars for Sale.

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