13 Nearby Places to Get a Watch Resized

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Watch resizing is a courtesy service many jewelers and department stores provide, including Belk, Dillard’s, Fossil, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Micheal Kors, Nordstrom, Sears, and Walmart. You’re also likely to find resizing services from small, local jewelers.

Below, we explain where to go for free watch fitting, plus the places that offer this service for a small fee.

Where to Get a Watch Fitted for Free

The best place to get free services like watch band link removal, watch battery replacement, and watch cleaning is at a locally-owned jewelry store. Small stores are always concerned about competing with the big national chains. They know personal service is their best selling point, so they’ll often make adjustments for free if you bought the watch from them.

Some family-owned jewelers offer small services like this on any item you bring in, whether you bought it from them or not. They want to build loyalty and keep you coming back.

Luxury brands like Omega, Panerai, TAG Heuer, and Rolex are also known for accommodating customers with free courtesy services in their boutiques, and many authorized dealers will also resize bands without charging you.

Department stores will sometimes resize your watch if you bought it there or if it’s a brand they sell; however, the ability to do the job and the policy on free adjustments are up to the individual store. Sometimes it’s just a matter of which associate is on duty and how busy they are at the moment. Different brands of watches need different tools, so a particular shop may not be equipped to work with your brand. If you’re determined to get it done for free, you could wind up spending time and gas money to track down a helpful shop.

Most stores and brands don’t include courtesy services in their stated policies, because they are exactly that: a courtesy to their good customers. We contacted customer service representatives and did an exhaustive search of companies’ social media pages and customer reports to gather as much information as possible on which stores offer resizing and which won’t.

These national brands have been known to resize watches for free at some locations:

Belk logo


  • Watch resizing: Stores with a fully-equipped jewelry counter normally size watches when you purchase them. They may also resize a watch you bring in later on.
  • Cost: Belk customer service said you should contact your local store to see if they can resize your watch and to get an estimate on how much it will cost.
  • Find a Belk

Dillards logo


  • Watch resizing: If the location has a jewelry counter with a trained associate on duty, they may resize your watch band. Some customers say they’ve had a friendly associate remove links from a watch band for free, even if they bought it elsewhere. Other customers have complained that Dillard’s wouldn’t help them at all.
  • Cost: Dillard’s customer service said the jewelry counter normally sizes watches for free when you purchase them. You’ll need to ask your local store if they can resize your band.
  • Find a Dillard’s

Fossil logo


  • Watch resizing: Fossil shops can resize their own watches.
  • Cost: Their online sizing policy offers three extra links for free. You can take it to your local shop to have it fitted for free.
  • Find a Fossil

JCPenney logo


  • Watch resizing: Stores with a jewelry department can resize watch bands. Their policies state they will repair watches you bought from them.
  • Cost: JCPenney offers a 2-year watch protection plan for approximately $50, covering most repairs and maintenance. Some customers report that local stores adjust the band size for free.
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Kohls logo


  • Watch resizing: Kohl’s jewelry counter is normally equipped to resize any brand of watch they sell.
  • Cost: Kohl’s customer service stated that sizing is included at the time of purchase, but you should contact your local store to see if they can help you. Many customers report that their local Kohl’s resized their watch for free even if they didn’t buy it there.
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Macys logo


  • Watch resizing: Macy’s will repair or maintain any watch purchased from them. Some customers report that their local Macy’s helped resize their watch whether they bought it there or not. They also offer a repair service by mail, but they may not accept antique or estate jewelry or pieces worth over $5,000.
  • Cost: Macy’s offers a three-year, renewable “WORRYNOMORE” protection plan based on the cost of the item. The plan covers most types of repair and service, including a mail-in repair service option with free watch sizing. For items not covered by the protection plan, watch band sizing is $20-$25.  Some customers report that their local Macy’s resized their watch band for free on the spot.
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Michael Kors logo

Michael Kors

Nordstrom logo


  • Watch resizing: Nordstrom will resize any watch purchased there. Because of its flexible “happy customer” return policy, some customers report that the jewelry counter doesn’t usually ask for proof of purchase for resizing.
  • Cost:  Nordstrom customer service confirmed that they will resize your watch for free if you purchased it from Nordstrom. They did advise that you should contact your local store to make sure they can help you; if they can’t help you, they may refer you to another store nearby.
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Sears logo


  • Watch resizing: Sears offers repairs and adjustments on most watch brands, but services may vary by location.
  • Cost: Whether a particular store can resize your band, and whether they’ll do it for free, varies by location. Sears offers a 2-year protection plan for about $50. Some stores will resize watches for free if they’re under the protection plan. Others will do it on the spot, no questions asked. Some locations can’t do repairs in-store at all.
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Walmart logo


  • Watch resizing: Store policies on watch resizing and the availability of a trained associate vary by location.
  • Cost: Many Walmart jewelry counters will resize bands for free on watch brands they sell. Some customers report that a Walmart associate helped adjust their watch from a different brand, no questions asked. Others report that their local Walmart doesn’t offer any repairs or resizing.
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Where to Get a Watch Fitted for a Small Cost

These jewelers have locations nationwide and offer in-store repair services.

Watch band adjustment is a basic service that most stores offer, but there may be exceptions if your watch is very expensive, very cheap, or doesn’t fit standard tools.

Normally, a large jewelry chain will offer to send your watch out for service if it can’t help you on the spot.

These stores aren’t generally known for free resizing, but it never hurts to ask, especially if you’re buying something else in the store. Most customers say they’ve paid $5 to $15 to have a watch band resized.

Fast Fix logo


This national chain operates kiosks in many malls and inside some larger stores.

  • Watch resizing: Services vary by location, including adding or removing links from your watch band.
  • Cost: Prices are set by your local store. They offer coupons on their website from time to time.
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Jared logo


Kay Jewelers logo

Kay Jewelers

  • Watch resizing: Kay Jewelers will service any brand of jewelry from any store.
  • Cost: Prices are set locally, but they post coupons for repair service discounts from time to time. Check for a coupon.
  • Find a Kay Jewelers

Zales logo


  • Watch resizing: Zales offers some repair services in-store. Services vary by location.
  • Cost: Prices are set locally.
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