34 Stores That Have Motorized Shopping Carts

Motorized shopping cars in a grocery store.

Motorized shopping carts can make store visits easier for customers with mobility challenges or injuries.

Stores with motorized shopping carts include grocery chains like Albertsons and Whole Foods Market; home improvement stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s; superstores like Walmart; and warehouse stores like Sam’s Club.

For a full list of stores with motorized shopping carts, organized by store type, see below.

What Stores Have Motorized Shopping Carts?

Motorized shopping carts make stores more accessible to disabled, injured, and elderly customers, but not every store offers them.

Stores are required to accommodate customers who use personal mobility devices but are not required to provide mobility devices like motorized scooters for shoppers.

To help you find stores in your area that offer motorized shopping carts, we contacted a wide range of national and regional chains. We’ve listed the stores by category — including grocery stores, superstores, and wholesale clubs — along with those that don’t have motorized carts available.

Keep in mind that the number of carts will vary by store, and not all of the store’s scooters may be fully charged or available when you visit. Note, as well, that some rules apply to motorized cart use:

  • At every store that offers them, motorized carts are meant to be used by those who need them. Customer service associates from many of the retailers we spoke to said that anyone using the carts disruptively or for pranks and stunts will be asked not to use the cart and may be asked to leave the store.
  • For safety reasons, most stores request that motorized carts be kept indoors, meaning you can’t take them out to the parking lot.
  • Most stores restrict the use of motorized carts to adults, though not all locations or managers enforce age policies strictly. For younger customers at stores that do strictly enforce the adults-only policy, manual wheelchairs are usually available.

These rules were noted by the associates we spoke with and, based on our research, seem to be fairly universal. Other rules and policies uncovered while compiling this list are noted under “Additional restrictions.”

Below, find the list of stores with motorized shopping carts, organized by store type.

Department Stores

JCPenney logo


  • Locations: A corporate representative told us that some stores have motorized carts available. However, none of the five individual stores we called had motorized carts. It’s best to contact your local JCPenney to check cart availability.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Sears logo


  • Locations: A corporate representative and associates from Sears stores in five states confirmed that Sears does offer motorized carts for customers. Find your nearest Sears.
  • Additional restrictions: Based on the stores we contacted, motorized carts are not available at Sears Hometown Stores or Sears Outlet.

Grocery Stores

Albertsons logo


  • Locations: Every Albertsons we called offer motorized shopping carts for customer use. Find your nearest Albertsons, located primarily in the western U.S.
  • Additional restrictions: None

ALDI logo


  • Locations: About two thirds of the ALDI locations we checked had at least one motorized cart available. ALDI stores do not have direct phone numbers, but you can ask about the availability of motorized carts next time you visit or reach out to ALDI’s corporate customer service department.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Food Lion logo

Food Lion

  • Locations: All of the Food Lion stores we contacted said they have motorized shopping carts available. Find your local Food Lion store.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

  • Locations: About 60% of the Giant Eagle stores we called had motorized shopping carts available for shoppers. Contact your local Giant Eagle to check cart availability.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Giant Food logo

Giant Food

  • Locations: Every Giant Food store we called had motorized shopping carts for customers to use. One store associate told us the carts are kept near the store entrance closest to the produce section. Find a Giant Food near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None

H-E-B logo


  • Locations: We contacted several H-E-B and H-E-B plus! locations across Texas and all told us that they have electric shopping carts available for customers. An associate at an H-E-B plus! near Austin, TX told us that there are also shopping assistants available for customers who need them. Find your nearest H-E-B.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Kroger logo


  • Locations: All of the Kroger stores we checked had several electric shopping carts available — usually between four and six carts. Find your nearest Kroger.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Publix logo


  • Locations: Every Publix we called had motorized shopping carts available for customers to use. Publix has stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Find your local Publix.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Ralphs logo


  • Locations: All of the Ralphs locations we contacted had motorized shopping carts. Ralphs operates stores in California. Find a Ralphs near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Safeway logo


  • Locations: All of the Safeway locations we called had at least one motorized cart available. Find your nearest Safeway.
  • Additional restrictions: None

ShopRite logo


  • Locations: All of the ShopRite locations we called offered electric shopping carts for customers. ShopRite operates in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Find your nearest ShopRite.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Sprouts logo


  • Locations: All of the Sprouts stores we contacted (located in Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri) had motorized shopping carts available near the front door. Find your local Sprouts store.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Stop and Shop logo

Stop & Shop

  • Locations: Every Stop & Shop store we called had at least one electric cart available. Find your nearest Stop & Shop in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Trader Joes logo

Trader Joe’s

  • Locations: All of the Trader Joe’s locations we contacted had motorized carts available. Two of the stores we called, in Delaware and Idaho, noted that they only have one cart in-store. Find your nearest Trader Joe’s.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Vons logo


  • Locations: All of the stores we called had at least one electric shopping cart available. Vons has locations in California and Nevada. Find your nearest Vons.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Wegmans logo


  • Locations: We called several Wegmans locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey and found that all offer motorized shopping carts for their customers. Find your nearest Wegmans in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Winco Foods logo

WinCo Foods

Winn-Dixie logo


  • Locations: All of the Winn-Dixie stores we called had electric shopping carts available. Find a Winn-Dixie near you in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, or Mississippi.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Whole Foods logo

Whole Foods Market

Home Improvement Stores

The Home Depot logo

The Home Depot

Lowes logo


  • Locations: Every Lowe’s store we checked offers motorized carts. Find a Lowe’s near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Menards logo


  • Locations: Most Menards stores have motorized carts available in limited quantities. Find your local Menards.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Outdoor/Sporting Stores

Bass Pro logo

Bass Pro Shops

  • Locations: All of the Bass Pro Shops we called had motorized carts, and the retailer’s website notes that all stores have at least two motorized scooters. Find your local Bass Pro Shop.
  • Additional restrictions: You must show your driver’s license to check out a cart at Bass Pro Shops. For younger customers or those without a driver’s license, every store has manual wheelchairs available.

Cabelas logo



Meijer logo


  • Locations: All of the Meijer stores we contacted had electric shopping carts available. Two of the representatives we spoke with noted that electric carts are typically available at both store entrances (unless they are all in use). Find your local Meijer.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Target logo


  • Locations: All of the Target stores we contacted had at least one motorized cart. Find a Target near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Walmart logo


  • Locations: All of the locations we contacted had motorized carts available. Find your nearest Walmart.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Wholesale Clubs

BJs Wholesale Club logo

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Costco logo


  • Locations: All of the Costco warehouses we called offered electric shopping carts. Find your nearest Costco.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Sam's Club logo

Sam’s Club

Shopping Centers

Mall of America logo

Mall of America

  • Locations: Mall of America is one of the country’s largest shopping centers, located in Minnesota. Electric carts are available for rent, although there is a fee.
  • Additional restrictions: There are limited quantities of electric carts available, so if you need a cart, it’s best to check one out early. There is a rental fee of $35 per day.

Stores Without Motorized Shopping Carts

After contacting several locations and/or the corporate customer service departments of each, we found that the following stores, by and large, do not have motorized shopping carts. However, they may have manual wheelchairs available for customers to use.

  • Department Stores
    • Burlington (Formerly Burlington Coat Factory)
    • Dillard’s
    • Kohl’s
    • Macy’s
    • Marshalls
    • Nordstrom
    • T.J. Maxx
  • Grocery Stores
    • Save-A-Lot
  • Outdoor/Sporting Stores
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Superstores
    • Big Lots
  • Other Stores/Shopping Centers
    • Hobby Lobby
    • IKEA
    • Tanger Outlets

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