Where to Buy Scantrons Nearby: Walmart? Staples? Answered

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Short Answer — The only places where you can find name-brand Scantron testing forms are on the Scantron website and at university bookstores. However, similar scoring forms from other brands are reported to work just as well, and you can find them at Amazon.com, eBay, and a few other retailers.

Where to Buy Scantrons

There aren’t many places that sell Scantrons. Your best bet will be a university bookstore.

You can also buy Scantrons directly from the Scantron website, but only in bulk (i.e., packages of 500).

There are several different types of Scantron forms, so it’s also important to find out exactly which form(s) you need before making your purchase.

ScantronScore.com has photos and short descriptions of each type of form available. A popular form is the SC882-E 100-question answer sheet.

Off-Brand Scoring Sheets

If you don’t specifically need Scantron brand sheets, there are other places you can find similar scoring sheets that will still scan and grade properly, according to brand claims and customer reviews.

You can find off-brand scoring sheets at the following places:

  • Amazon: Sells a number of alternative testing form brands. You can get a pack of 50 SCANTEST compatible testing forms for about $6.
  • eBay: Sells off-brand Scantron sheets. Be sure to check reviews before purchasing scoring sheets from this site to make sure the brand you choose works for your scanning/grading needs.
  • Apperson: Sells Scantron-compatible answer sheets. Apperson is a reputable source for testing and grading solutions, but you typically need to buy answer sheets in bulk.
  • Precision Data Products: Sells Scantron-compatible answer sheets. Precision Data Products also sells in bulk, but it often has sales on popular answer forms.

Places That Don’t Sell Scantrons

During the course of our research, we found a number of stores that don’t sell Scantron-compatible answer forms, including:

  • CVS
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

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