Here Are 8 Buyers of Scrap Circuit Boards

A pile of recycled circuit boards

There are a number of places to sell scrap circuit boards, both online and in person, including,, Cash For Electronic Scrap USA, CJ Environmental, Precious Metals Reclaiming Service, and Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

The price you’ll get will depend on the type of electronic device(s) you have to sell.

What to Know Before Selling a Scrap Circuit Board

If you have an electronic device that no longer works, you may be tempted to just throw it away. However, even when an electronic device no longer functions, there are still components of it that are worth money. Some electronics even contain gold, and circuit boards fall into that category.

According to CJ Environmental, the circuit boards in electronics contain precious metals and chemicals — like gold, mercury, lead, platinum, silver, palladium, etc. These metals are not only hard to come by, but also potentially toxic if disposed of in a landfill.

Instead of throwing away your device, there are a number of different companies that specialize in reclaiming and recycling that will pay you for used electronics and the circuit boards they contain.

There are various types of circuit boards, and the type of circuit board your electronic device uses depends on the device itself.

For example, according to Techwalla, a computer or laptop will likely have a “motherboard,” a cell phone or a PDA will likely use a “flexible circuit board,” and a modem card will likely contain what’s known as a “daughter board.”

Moreover, there are different categories within each of these types of circuit boards. A large socket motherboard is different from a metal socket GREEN motherboard, and a cell phone board is different from a circuit board found in a TV or DVD player.

This is important to note because different types of circuit boards have various values — for example, on, a large socket motherboard is worth $2.75 a pound, while a metal socket GREEN motherboard is worth $1.80 a pound.

Finally, before you send in your electronic device to a company that buys used electronics, make sure you check out the specific requirements for selling electronic scrap.

To sell a circuit board on, you’ll need to remove the batteries and any excess aluminum and steel. On, you’ll need to remove the batteries on all motherboards. Some other companies, like CJ Environmental, have no specific requirements.

Where to Sell Scrap Circuit Boards

There are a number of scrap circuit board buyers to choose from. To give you an idea of price comparison, motherboard prices are included when available.

To see the full list of current pricing for each electronic device, tap the links below.

Where to Sell Online

Where to Sell In Person

  • CJ Environmental: Locations in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, and San Francisco.
  • Precious Metals Reclaiming Service: Locations in Florida and Massachusetts.
  • To find local companies, try an online search for “where to sell circuit boards near me.”

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