7 Best Free Flat Tire Repair Options

Close-up of a flat tire on a white car

When you have a flat tire, you’ll need to either repair or replace the tire to get back on the road, depending on the extent of the damage.

Several tire shops will fix flat tires for free if the tire is repairable. We list these options below.

Note that some flat tires will require replacement rather than repair, and replacement isn’t free.

Additionally, though the shops below fix repairable flat tires for free, you’ll still need to pay any towing costs if you need a tow to get your car to the shop. These costs will vary depending on your location and the distance to the repair shop.

The List

We gathered the following information by contacting each tire shop and viewing policy/pricing information on their websites.

We list these options alphabetically since the best choice will depend on which tire shops are closest to you.

Note that not all tires are eligible for free repairs, and pricing policies may vary by location.

Belle Tire logo

Belle Tire

  • Includes: Patch-plug fixes for repairable flat tires for the lifetime of the tire[1]
  • Restrictions: Must have previously purchased your tire installation package from Belle Tire[2]
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Discount Tire logo

Discount Tire

  • Includes: Inspection, patch, and plug for repairable flat tires[3][4][5]
  • Restrictions: Repairs are limited to the tire’s tread area; tires with defects in the shoulder or sidewall will require replacement.[3][5]
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Good Year logo

Goodyear Auto Service

  • Includes: Dismounting, inspection, patch, and plug for Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly brand tires, as well as any other tire purchased from a Goodyear Auto Service store[6]
  • Restrictions: Goodyear must be able to repair the tire without replacing it.[6]
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Jiffy Lube logo

Jiffy Lube

  • Includes: Inspection and service for repairable tires[7]
  • Restrictions: Free repair only available at select locations;[8] it’s best to contact your local Jiffy Lube to check its prices before visiting.
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Les Schwab logo

Les Schwab

  • Includes: Patch and plug for Les Schwab tires in repairable condition[9]
  • Restrictions: Vehicle must be a non-commercial passenger car or light truck; wheels must not be lock ring or tube type[9]
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Tire Warehouse logo

Tire Warehouse

  • Includes: Dismounting, inspection, patch, and plug[10]
  • Restrictions: Holes must be 1/4 inch or less and in the center tread area only; cuts are ineligible for repair[10]
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Tire Works logo

Tire Works

  • Includes: Patch or plug; valid for most vehicles[11]
  • Restrictions: Tire must be safely repairable and qualify for service based on RMA guidelines[11]
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Places That Don’t Fix Flat Tires for Free

In the course of our research, we found that the following shops don’t fix flat tires for free:

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