30 Best Biology Team Names + Tips for Picking One

A group of biology students working at a lab table.

Whether you’re currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in biology or you’re a biologist conducting research in a laboratory at a nonprofit, government, or industrial setting, it is likely that you’re working as part of a team of colleagues.

Creating a team name is a great way to improve scientific collaboration, boost morale, and increase joint productivity.

You can use the following guidelines and team name suggestions to come up with a clever and amusing name for your biology-related team.

Guidelines for Picking a Team Name

When you’re picking out a team name, it is best to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure all of your colleagues/teammates feel included in brainstorming the team name. Try to reach an agreement about the name, and while some compromise might be warranted, you don’t want to pick a name that someone in your group really dislikes. Everyone should feel equally included.
  • A team name is supposed to create unity and make all members feel more comfortable. The name shouldn’t disparage anyone in the group or discriminate against any particular race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.
  • It is best to avoid inappropriate names or jokes, as well as any names that might be misinterpreted in a negative way (especially by a supervisor).
  • Be creative, but make sure you pick a name that matches the personalities of you and your colleagues, as well as your work environment.
  • Consider your goals when selecting the team name. Are you coming up with a long-term name for your team, or a name to be used for a specific event/project or for a set duration? You can tailor the team name for this goal.
  • If you’re working on a particular research project, try to come up with a name that cleverly defines the project. For example, if you are conducting a research project on mitochondria, you could call your team members The Mighty Chondrias.

See our favorite ideas for biology team names below.

Biology Team Names

We’ve organized our biology team names by general, cellular, genetic, and body related. You can use one of them for your team name, or simply use them to start brainstorming your own, unique ideas.

General Biology

  • The Biobosses
  • The Lab Rats
  • The Mad Biologists
  • The BioMusketeers
  • The Biohazards
  • the Hipster Microorganisms
  • The Raging Fossils
  • The Carbon Daters
  • The Parasites
  • The Spreading Pollen
  • The Carnivorous Species

Cellular Level

  • The Mighty Chondrias
  • The Nuclear Cells
  • The Ubiquitinators
  • The Synaptic Knobs


  • The Mutating Species
  • Don’t FRET
  • The Twisted DNAs
  • ARRGGH NA’s (pronounced RNAs)
  • The Dominant Genes

The Body

  • The Aerobic Exorcists
  • The Metabolic Masters
  • The I.V. Leaguers
  • The Heart Throbs
  • Twisted Sphincter
  • The Aminobuddies
  • The Binding Antibodies
  • The Hairy Follicles
  • The Reacting Enzymes
  • The Pathogens (or Viruses)

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