Does Denny’s Accept EBT? Payment Policy Detailed

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Short Answer

You can use your EBT card at select Denny’s locations in California and Arizona if you qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program. However, you cannot use your EBT card at Denny’s in other states.

Does Denny’s Take EBT?

Denny’s does accept EBT at select locations, but with restrictions.

To use EBT at Denny’s, you must live in California or Arizona, be eligible for the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), and visit an RMP-authorized Denny’s location.

We confirmed this information by contacting Denny’s and checking state RMP restaurant lists.


RMPs allow particular EBT recipients — those who are elderly, homeless, or disabled — to buy meals at approved restaurants.[1]

Outside of RMPs, you cannot use your EBT card to purchase prepared food (as previously reported).

Denny’s Locations That Take EBT

Select Denny’s restaurants in California accept EBT, including some in Los Angeles and San Diego counties.[2] To check for a specific location, use the CA EBT Locator.

One Denny’s location in Glendale, Arizona is also authorized by the state to accept EBT at the time of writing.[3]

Note that RMP partnerships change regularly, so you may also want to contact your local Denny’s or benefits administration office to confirm the acceptance of EBT before visiting.

How to Use EBT at Denny’s

You should make your server aware that you will be paying with your benefits at the beginning of your meal.

Once the server brings your bill, present your EBT card as you would a debit or credit card.

As long as you have sufficient benefits on your card, you can use EBT to pay for your meal. (Find out how to check your EBT balance.)

If you don’t have enough money on your EBT card to cover your full order, you may be able to split the payment between EBT and cash, credit, or debit; you should let your server know that you intend to split the payment before you give them your EBT card, if possible.

Other Restaurants That Take EBT

For more information about the Restaurant Meals Program, see our list of fast food places that take EBT.

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