Does ecoATM Take Broken Phones? Locked Phones? Answered

Short Answer: You can sell or recycle a broken or locked phone with ecoATM, but not a phone that is iCloud locked or blacklisted. If the device is locked, you’ll need to state that the phone is not in working condition when you sell it. You can get a device-specific price estimate on the ecoATM website. Below, we provide more details about what types of phones ecoATM accepts and how to sell your phone to ecoATM.

What Types of Phones Does ecoATM Accept?

While ecoATM’s website states that the company accepts all devices, when you want to sell your phone to an ecoATM kiosk, the company has a few guidelines about what to do with certain types of phones. We contacted corporate customer service representatives to confirm ecoATM’s phone acceptance policies.

Broken Phones

EcoATM takes dead phones, phones with cracked screens, and water-damaged devices. You can sell any brand of phone, tablet, MP3 player, as well as various accessories.

Locked Phones

If your phone is locked and can only be used on one carrier’s network (this is also known as a SIM lock), you can still use ecoATM to recycle the device. Keep in mind, when you take the phone in to be evaluated, you’ll need to state that it’s not in “working condition.” EcoATM will then evaluate the device on a strictly cosmetic basis, a customer service representative said.

What Types of Phones Does ecoATM Not Accept?

In general, if there is any indication that the phone you are trying to sell is stolen or otherwise suspicious, ecoATM will not accept the phone.

Activation/iCloud Locked Phones

We contacted ecoATM customer service to ask about the company’s policy for iCloud locked phones, and we were told that you cannot sell iCloud locked phones to ecoATM.

The iCloud lock is a feature on iPhones with iOS version seven or later, and it is meant to deter phone thefts. If the Find My iPhone feature is enabled and an iPhone undergoes a factory reset, the phone cannot be reactivated without entering the original Apple ID and password used to set up the phone. An activation lock is a major indicator of a stolen phone.

Blacklisted Phones

EcoATM also does not take blacklisted or blocked phones, customer service representatives told us. If a phone has been blacklisted, it typically means that the phone was reported lost or stolen. This could be a liability for any device recycling company.

How to Sell a Phone to ecoATM

To sell or recycle your electronic device, you’ll first need to make sure it’s charged and backed up (if possible), and check that the SIM or memory card is removed. Sign out of any and all accounts on your device and remove any tracking apps (such as Find My Phone). If you can, you should reset the phone to its factory settings.

Then, visit your nearest ecoATM kiosk and place the device in the test station. The ecoATM machine will examine your phone and give you an offer that’s dependent on the condition of your device and its secondary market value. If you like the price, you can agree to sell it and receive cash on the spot. If you don’t like the price, ecoATM will give you back your phone. In order to sell your device to ecoATM, you’ll need a valid ID and you must be at least 18 years old. After you sell your device to ecoATM, the company will either resell it or recycle it responsibly. All sales to ecoATM are final.

How Much Does ecoATM Pay for Phones?

To get an idea of the offer you might receive from ecoATM, visit ecoATM’s website for an estimate. Keep in mind, the estimate is only a guideline; the offer you receive at the kiosk may be slightly different.

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