Does GameStop Buy Locked iPhones? Trade-In Requirements Listed

GameStop’s trade-in program accepts both locked and unlocked iPhones. Below, we have all of the details on GameStop’s iPhone trade-in policy, plus other places that buy locked iPhones.

Does GameStop Buy Locked iPhones?

GameStop does buy locked iPhones through its trade-in program, customer service told us. GameStop phone trade-in requirements show no requirement that the phone must be unlocked, but we called GameStop’s customer service department just to be sure. A GameStop representative said the retailer buys both locked and unlocked phones. Here’s more on the GameStop phone trade in requirements…

GameStop does require that you remove any SIM cards that were not originally part of your phone before trading it in. To get the highest trade-in value for your phone, it must be in working condition with no software issues, no missing parts, and no cracks or dents. GameStop also buys phones that are damaged or not working, but the trade-in value will be less.

You can estimate the trade-in value of your iPhone or another device on GameStop’s website. Search for your iPhone model under the “Electronics” tab. You can take a copy of the estimate with you to the store when you trade in the device to help the process move smoothly. Keep in mind, the final trade-in price is subject to the store manager’s approval.

Other Stores That Buy Locked iPhones

To get the best price for your phone, you may want to check its value with several different retailers. Below, we have the list of stores where you can sell or trade-in your locked iPhone:

In Summary

GameStop buys used iPhones that are locked and unlocked. You can check the value of your device online, but you will need to trade it in at your nearest GameStop. Other retailers that buy locked iPhone include, Apple, Best Buy, BuyBackWorld, Gazelle, and Target. For more information on GameStop’s store policies, see our articles: Does GameStop Sell Visa Gift Cards? and Does GameStop Buy DVDs? and Can I sell my laptop to GameStop?

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