Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy: Pricing, Late Fees Explained

Man using a carpet cleaner on a dirty rug

For around $40, you can rent a Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaner at any Food Lion store. For more information on the Food Lion carpet cleaner rental policy, see below.

Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

Grocery store chain Food Lion has Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaners available for rent. You can rent a Rug Doctor Pro for around $40 for 24 hours, although the specific price depends on each store. A Food Lion customer service representative also explained that there is a $15 deposit, which you will get back the next day if you return the Rug Doctor in clean condition. We called Food Lion stores in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia to confirm the rental policy. All of the locations we contacted had Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaners available for rent.

If you rent a Rug Doctor Pro from Food Lion, you will need to purchase cleaning solution separately. Cleaning solution at Food Lion sells for as much as $25, but there are cheaper ones sold for around $5. The cleaner you need will depend on what sort of dirt or stains you need to clean. A customer service associate can assist you if needed. Tools for cleaning furniture and stairs are also available for an additional fee of around $6.

You will need a current driver’s license in order to rent the Rug Doctor Pro from Food Lion. You’ll be charged a late fee of about $10 per day if you keep the machine past your allotted rental time. If you are interested in renting a Rug Doctor Pro, you can contact a Food Lion near you to set up your rental.

If you live near an Albertsons or Safeway rather than a Food Lion, our articles can assist you with renting a carpet cleaner at Albertsons and carpet cleaner rentals at Safeway. Our previous research also details the cost to rent a carpet cleaner at each store.


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