7 Best Gas Stations With Vacuums Nearby

Citgo gas stations often have vacuums

Several major gas station chains have vacuum cleaners available for use, including Chevron, Citgo, Kwik Trip, Phillips 66, ARCO, BP, and 7-Eleven.

Most gas station vacuums cost about $1 to run for a few minutes.

See below for more details on gas stations with vacuums, including how much it costs to use the machines.

Gas Stations With Vacuums

Many major U.S. gas stations have vacuums, but they may not be available at every location.

During our research, we found that gas stations with car washes are more likely to have vacuums.

(Note: Online gas station locators often let you filter for locations with car washes or other amenities — this can help point you in the right direction.)

All gas stations listed below have coin-operated vacuums, so be sure to bring quarters.

The machines will run for no more than five minutes at a time, and some have even shorter run times. Additionally, prices may vary by location.

While some smaller, individually owned gas stations may offer free vacuums, we were unable to find any national chains that do.

Vacuums are available 24/7, so even if the gas station is closed, you should still be able to use the vacuum cleaners.

We’ve ordered the list below starting with the cheapest per-minute run times.

Chevron logo


Citgo logo


Kwik Trip

Phillips 66 logo

Phillips 66

Arco logo


bp logo


  • Price: Varies; typically between $1 and $2[6]
  • Estimated run time: Two to five minutes[6]
  • Find a station

7 Eleven logo


Gas Stations That Do Not Have Vacuums

In the course of our research, we found several gas station chains that either don’t have vacuums at all or that don’t have vacuums widely available at their locations.

These gas stations include:

For more about the services you can find at gas stations, see our list of gas stations that cash checks.

  1. Chevron customer service (925) 842-1000[][]
  2. Citgo customer service (800) 423-8434[][]
  3. Kwik Trip customer service (608) 781-8988[][]
  4. Phillips 66 customer service (800) 527-5476[][]
  5. ARCO station customer service representatives[][]
  6. BP station customer service representatives[][]
  7. 7-Eleven station customer service representatives[][]
  8. Marathon station customer service representatives[]
  9. Mobil station customer service representatives[]
  10. QuikTrip station customer service representatives[]
  11. Shell station customer service representatives[]
  12. Speedway station customer service representatives[]
  13. Sunoco station customer service representatives[]
  14. Valero station customer service representatives[]
  15. Wawa station customer service representatives[]

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