The List of Gas Stations With Kerosene Near Me: ARCO? BP? etc

Kerosene is typically found at hardware stores, but a few major gas stations have kerosene at the pump — at least at some locations. The gas stations that sell kerosene include ARCO, Citgo, and Sunoco. Find more details below.

The List of Gas Stations With Kerosene Near Me

Kerosene, sometimes called paraffin oil, is used to fuel lamps, heaters, and even stoves. The most commonly used and sold type of kerosene is K-1. There aren’t many gas station chains that sell kerosene, but we were able to find a few that sell kerosene at the pump — at least at some of their locations. All of the locations listed below require that you bring your own kerosene can. To find out if a location near you sells kerosene, you’ll want to call the gas station directly to ask.




  • Price per gallon: About $4
  • Find a Sunoco near you
  • Note: Sunoco has a kerosene option on its store locator; however, we found that some locations that sell kerosene do not show up on the map when the option is checked.

You’re more likely to find kerosene at places like Walmart, The Home Depot, and other hardware stores. However, we found that the price per gallon can be nearly double the prices listed above at the pump; Menards, and Walmart sell kerosene for about $10 a gallon.

Gas Stations That Do Not Sell Kerosene

During our research, we found a number of gas stations that do not sell kerosene. While we did contact multiple locations for each of the gas stations chains listed below, it is possible that a location near you may sell kerosene.

  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Kwik Trip
  • Marathon
  • Mobil
  • Phillips 66
  • QuikTrip
  • Speedway
  • Wawa
  • 7-Eleven

In Summary

There aren’t many gas stations that sell kerosene, but we did find a few, including ARCO, Citgo, and Sunoco. Keep in mind that not all locations within these chains sell kerosene, so you’ll want to call ahead and ask. The price per gallon for kerosene at the pump is about half of what you’ll pay at a hardware store, so it might be worth the extra effort to find a gas station with kerosene near you.

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