Gas Stations With Kerosene Nearby: 4 Options Listed (With Prices)

Short Answer: While you can typically find kerosene at hardware stores, there aren’t many gas station chains that sell it. Sunoco, Speedway, ARCO, and Citgo are the only four gas stations we found that typically sell kerosene. For more about getting kerosene at a gas station, see below.

Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene

Kerosene (sometimes called paraffin oil) is used to fuel lamps, heaters, and even stoves. The most commonly used and sold type of kerosene is K-1.[1]

The following gas stations sell kerosene at the pump at select locations, and all locations require that you bring your own kerosene can. You may also be required to show an ID to purchase kerosene due to its classification as a hazardous substance.[2]

Note that availability can vary for individual gas stations, even if the company as a whole typically sells kerosene. To find out if a location near you sells kerosene, if you can’t filter the search options online to find a location that sells it, you can call the gas station directly to ask. We’ve ordered the list below starting with the most cost-effective options.

1. Speedway

  • Price per gallon: About $4[2][3]
  • Find a Speedway (Not all Speedway locations sell kerosene at the pump. Speedway has a kerosene option built into its store locator — you can select kerosene under “Fuel Options” or “Location Amenities.”)

2. Sunoco

  • Price per gallon: About $4[4][5]
  • Find a Sunoco (Not all Sunoco locations sell kerosene at the pump. Sunoco has a kerosene option built into its store locator; however, we found that some locations that sell kerosene do not show up on the map when the option is checked.)


  • Price per gallon: About $5[6]
  • Find an ARCO (Not all ARCO locations sell kerosene at the pump — you can call ahead to be sure.)

4. Citgo

  • Price per gallon: About $5[7][8]
  • Find a Citgo (Not all Citgo locations sell kerosene at the pump — you can call ahead to be sure.)

Note: Due to the fuel’s highly toxic and flammable nature, kerosene heaters are illegal in some states and locales.[9] In areas where there are restrictions on kerosene use, you may not be able to purchase it at a gas station. If you’re unsure about the laws in your area, you can check with your local fire marshall.

Where Else to Find Kerosene

You’re more likely to find kerosene at places like Walmart, The Home Depot, and other hardware stores. However, we found that the price per gallon can be nearly double the prices listed above at the pump; Menards and Walmart sell kerosene for about $10 per gallon.

Gas Stations That Do Not Sell Kerosene

In the course of our research, we found a number of gas stations that do not typically sell kerosene. Note that while we did contact multiple locations for each of the gas station chains listed below, it is possible that individual locations near you may sell kerosene.

  • 7-Eleven
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Kwik Trip
  • Marathon
  • Mobil
  • Phillips 66
  • Shell
  • QuikTrip
  • Valero (Note: Valero produces kerosene but does not sell it to customers at the pump.[10])
  • Wawa

For more about how to pay for kerosene or fuel at the pump, see our lists of gas stations that take credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.


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