Is Kroger Gas TOP TIER? We Investigate

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Short Answer — Kroger contracts with a variety of different fuel suppliers, so the fuel quality at its gas stations will vary by location. Most Kroger gas is supplied by Shell, which offers high-quality gas, but Kroger is not a TOP TIER licensee.

Kroger Gas Quality

Kroger contracts with several different fuel suppliers, some of which offer TOP TIER gas.[1]

This means that Kroger’s gas quality varies by location, and you’ll need to find out which gas brand supplies your local Kroger gas station in order to know whether its fuel is high quality.

To determine the quality of Kroger gas, we researched its suppliers to find out whether or not their gas is classified as TOP TIER.

Who Supplies Kroger Gas?

Although a few gas station chains are supplied directly by their brand’s own oil refinery, most contract their gasoline supply through one or more oil companies and subsidiaries.

As one of the largest grocery store chains in the U.S., Kroger contracts with a number of different suppliers for its gas stations.

Each Kroger store with a gas station accepts yearly bids from major oil companies for gasoline supply contracts and chooses a supplier based on a number of factors, including price and quality of service.[1]

With bids accepted every year and with different suppliers throughout the U.S., there is no single supplier for Kroger gasoline. The supplier may even change at any Kroger store from one year to the next.

This can make it difficult to determine whether your local Kroger gas station is offering quality gas, but by learning the name of the supplier your local gas station currently works with, you can usually determine whether or not the gas is TOP TIER, as discussed below.

What Is TOP TIER Gas?

In short, TOP TIER gas is higher-quality fuel because of its increased number of additives.[2]

The octane number — which determines whether the gas is marked as regular, plus, or premium — is not the most important measure of quality.

In fact, the manufacturer’s guidelines for most vehicles recommend using regular or standard-grade gasoline. (See our article for information on whether it is worthwhile to use a higher grade of gas than recommended.)

Detergent additives are typically a better measure of fuel quality. They prevent carbon deposit buildup in the engine, keeping the engine clean and improving overall vehicle performance.

Carbon deposits can reduce fuel efficiency and engine function, and may also cause more serious issues like preventing your engine from starting when it’s cold.[3]

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set minimum standards for the concentration of additives in gasoline.[4]

TOP TIER standards, which were developed through a partnership of major automotive manufacturers, require better-quality additives in higher amounts than the minimum EPA standards.

Is Kroger Gas TOP TIER?

TOP TIER gas meets high quality and performance standards, so if your local gas station offers TOP TIER gas, you can be confident in the gas you’re using.

Kroger, itself, is not a TOP TIER licensee, and whether or not a Kroger gas station uses TOP TIER gasoline depends on that particular store’s fuel supplier.

Many Kroger stores partner with Shell gasoline, which is a TOP TIER brand.[5]

However, to know whether your local Kroger gas station contracts with a TOP TIER provider, you’ll need to contact the store and ask which brand supplies its gas.

It’s worth noting that if your local Kroger gas station doesn’t get its gas from Shell (or a brand of similarly high quality), some Shell gas stations participate in Kroger’s fuel rewards program.[6] You can use your Kroger fuel points for savings at Shell and know you’re getting quality, TOP TIER gas.

To find a Shell station that accepts Kroger fuel points, call Shell at (888) 467-4355 and ask a representative for a list of participating gas stations in your area.

How to Buy Kroger Gas

You can buy gas at any Kroger fuel center or Kroger-owned grocery store with a gas station.

Many Kroger stores have an attached fuel center; other Kroger-brand stores that often have fuel centers include Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Ralphs, Dillons, Fred Meyer, and Fry’s Food Store.[7]

You can find a Kroger-owned gas station near you with the Kroger store locator; choose “Show All Filters” and select “Gas Station” under “All Store Features” to find your nearest Kroger gas station.

For more about the gas quality at other major U.S. gas stations, see our articles about the gas quality at Speedway, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

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