Top 5 Stores Like Brookstone & How They Are Similar and Different

Brookstone storefront

Brookstone sells innovative products designed to make everyday tasks easier or more enjoyable.

Other stores that sell gadgets and unique gifts include The Grommet, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, and SkyMall.

Below, we have the list of stores like Brookstone, including information about each retailer’s products, prices, and how to shop.

The List of Stores like Brookstone

Brookstone is an online and airport retailer that sells unique gifts and gadgets — from stress-relieving weighted blankets to sunglasses that post what you see on Snapchat.

Brookstone previously had store locations in shopping malls across the U.S., but, as of late 2018, it closed all of its mall stores and now only sells its products online and in airports.

Most of Brookstone’s inventory includes products that make everyday tasks easier. Its prices are wide-ranging, from a few dollars for small items like luggage tags to several thousands of dollars for products like mattresses and home gym equipment.

Brookstone also has an invention division, Brookstone Design USA, that creates and holds patents for new products.

We’ve compiled the list of stores like Brookstone that sell gadgets, innovations, and “smart” technologies. Below, you’ll find a sample of each retailer’s product offerings that are similar to Brookstone, as well as how their prices and shopping options compare.

b8ta logo


  • About: Created to highlight innovative lifestyle and home products, b8ta operates open-concept stores across the U.S. where customers can interact with its products before purchasing. It also has an online shop that ships to all 50 states but does not yet ship internationally. Like Brookstone, b8ta sells high-tech home goods, audio equipment, and wellness gadgets (think: activity trackers and workout-recovery massagers).
  • Price range: Since b8ta is more heavily tech-focused than Brookstone, it doesn’t offer as many options for affordable gifts, but its prices for similar items are comparable to Brookstone. Most b8ta products sell for more than $100.
  • How to shop: Find a b8ta store using the b8ta store locator or shop online at

Grommet logo

The Grommet

  • About: The Grommet promotes products from “makers” and small businesses. Its website features new product launches and gadgets, fitness gear, kitchen tools, personal care innovations, and more. The Grommet offers an online search feature also available at Brookstone: You can shop by personal values, such as sustainability or in support of underrepresented entrepreneurs.
  • Price range: The Grommet features products at every price point — similar to Brookstone. Products range from about $5 to $1,000. Most products fall in the under-$200 range.
  • How to shop: Online at

Hammacher Schlemmer logo

Hammacher Schlemmer

  • About: In operation since the 1800s, Hammacher Schlemmer sells electronics, home goods, exercise equipment, and more. Hammacher Schlemmer’s range of product offerings is similar to Brookstone in that it includes both high-tech gadgets and everyday innovations like specialized bedding.
  • Price range: Products range from about $10 to more than $100,000. Most items cost between $100 and $400.
  • How to shop: Online at or by catalog

Note: Hammacher Schlemmer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating, but it does have some negative customer reviews on its BBB page.

Sharper Image logo

Sharper Image

  • About: Sharper Image may be Brookstone’s largest direct competitor, and it has faced similar operational changes to Brookstone. Sharper Image no longer operates brick-and-mortar stores and, instead, sells a full range of products online. Its offerings include automotive innovations, electronics, home technologies, massagers, personal care products, and toys.
  • Price range: Sharper Image products range from about $50 to $350, though there are some more expensive items available like air purifiers and massage chairs.
  • How to shop: Online at or by catalog

Note: Sharper Image is not accredited by the BBB. It has an F rating on its BBB profile with 51 customer complaints.

SkyMall logo


  • About: SkyMall began as an in-flight catalog but now operates as an online store. SkyMall’s product categories include electronics, home goods, sporting goods, toys, travel, and wellness. Like Brookstone, SkyMall sells gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, travel pillows, and virtual reality headsets.
  • Price range: Products range from under $10 to about $400.
  • How to shop: Online at

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