Great Clips Payment Options (Credit Cards, etc)

Exterior of a Great Clips salon

Short Answer

Great Clips’ payment options vary by location, but it generally accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Many locations also accept Discover cards, American Express cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Great Clips Payment Options

Great Clips salons are independently owned and operated franchises, so payment methods differ by location, corporate customer service representatives for Great Clips told us.

To find out more about which payment methods Great Clips commonly accepts, we contacted Great Clips locations in Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

All of the Great Clips salons we contacted accept Visa- and Mastercard-branded debit and credit cards. Most accept Discover and American Express, though some only take one or the other; a few of the locations we called entirely refuse both cards. Most locations also accept cash.

Additionally, most Great Clips franchisees also allow you to use the contactless payment methods Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. However, because this can vary by location, it’s best to bring a back-up payment method or check with your local Great Clips before visiting.

Unavailable Payment Options

None of the Great Clips franchises we contacted accept checks as payment.

Additionally, while Great Clips offers two apps (Great Clips Online Check-In and Great Clips Connect), neither of these apps allows in-app purchases for products or services.

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