Progressive Leasing Repossession Policy: Flexibility, Notice, Attempts, etc

Short Answer: Progressive Leasing can repossess your item(s) for nonpayment, but the company’s in-house collections department will attempt to contact you multiple times before proceeding with repossession. The company is also willing to work with you and may be able to change or extend your payment schedule.

Progressive Leasing Repossession Policy

Progressive Leasing is a rent-to-own company that partners with numerous stores — from department stores and home improvement stores to electronics stores and furniture stores. (See our article for the list of stores that partner with Progressive Leasing.) The company’s rent-to-own program gives you a way to pay for purchases over time. The shortest available lease period is 90 days; the longest lease period is 12 months. During this time, you can choose the frequency of your payments.

We called Progressive Leasing’s corporate customer service department to find out about its repossession policy. During our research, we found that the company can repossess items if you fail to make your required payments. But, before taking repossession, you’ll receive multiple calls from Progressive Leasing’s in-house collections department in an attempt to recover payment.

If your items are repossessed, you are still liable for the amount owed. We were unable to confirm whether or not there are repossession fees.

How to Change Your Payment Schedule

Because payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you’ll need to contact Progressive Leasing before your scheduled payment date in order to make a change. If you know you cannot make a payment, you should contact Progressive Leasing by calling (877) 898-1970 or emailing A customer service representative may be able to alter your payment schedule and/or push back payments up to 45 days.

How to End Your Lease

As long as your payments are up to date, you can end your lease, return the item(s), and not owe any additional money — unless the store where you purchased the item charges a restocking fee. To end your lease, contact Progressive Leasing by calling (877) 898-1970 or emailing

Potential Impact on Credit

Progressive Leasing does not pull your credit and will not report nonpayment to the major credit bureaus. However, the company can take you to court for nonpayment.

Additionally, because Progressive Leasing doesn’t report to the credit agencies, you cannot build your credit by leasing with the company.