11 Major Retail Stores That Hire at 15 (+ Which Ones Don’t)

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Entry-level jobs in retail establishments are a good place to start in the workforce. They can give you experience for future positions and help you earn some cash during the school year or over the summer. Your employment options may be limited when you’re 15 years old, but retail positions — bagging, stocking, cashiering, etc. — are among the most common positions that 15-year-olds are permitted to work.

While retail places like clothing stores, department stores, etc. don’t typically hire people under 16, grocery stores are an exception. Many grocery stores hire at 15, and some even hire at 14, which is the minimum age set by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Below, we list the retail stores that hire at 15, including some information about available positions, application processes, and other types of jobs you can work at 15.

Restrictions for Working at 15

The FLSA establishes many limitations for minors in the workforce, and each state sets its own rules for hours, times, and days you are able to work. For example, most states will only allow you to work outside of school hours at age 15, and while the federal minimum wage is $7.25, you may only receive the youth minimum wage of $4.25 for the first 90 days.

Depending on where you live, you will probably also need to obtain working papers — employment certification and age certification. You can review the Department of Labor chart to see if working papers are necessary for your state. If you do need working papers, you can obtain them from your school guidance office or through your state’s department of labor.

For more specific regulations, see our article about places that hire at 14 and 15, including limitations on hours, days, and pay.

Retail Stores That Hire at 15

While the first places that come to mind when you think of retail stores are likely clothing stores, grocery stores are also retail businesses in that they sell goods for consumption. Grocery stores are typically the only retail stores that hire 15-year-olds, and positions usually include things like cashiers, cart attendants, stock room associates, and customer service.

Below, we list the retail places that hire 15-year-olds, ordered starting with the options with the most available positions and highest hourly wage.

Publix logo


  • Positions available: Front service clerk, bagger, floral clerk, cashier[1]
  • Average hourly pay: $10[1]
  • Other information: Publix maintains a list of minimum age requirements to work specific positions. You can learn about the application process on the company website, but you must apply in person.
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Wegmans logo


  • Positions available: Customer service associate, cashier, parking lot attendant[2]
  • Average hourly pay: $10[2]
  • Other information: While many locations hire 15-year-olds,[2] each Wegmans location has its own minimum age requirement. Be sure to call your local store for verification.
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Stop and Shop logo

Stop & Shop

  • Positions available: Grocery clerk, floral clerk, bakery clerk, courtesy clerk, cashier[3]
  • Average hourly pay: $9[3]
  • Other information: Only some locations will hire 15-year-olds (specifically in Rhode Island and Massachusetts).[3] Be sure to call your local Stop & Shop for more information on the hiring age for certain positions.
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Giant Food logo

Giant Food

  • Positions available: Courtesy clerk, bagger, cashier, hourly team member[4]
  • Average hourly pay: $9[4]
  • Other information: The minimum age to work at Giant Food is 15, but some positions have a minimum age requirement of 18.[4]
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Safeway logo


  • Positions available: Courtesy clerk, stocker, production clerk[5]
  • Average hourly pay: $9[5]
  • Other information: Safeway has a corporate policy regarding the minimum age requirement to work specific positions — the youngest you can be to apply at Safeway is 14.[5] Carefully review the requirements of the job you’re interested in before applying.
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Hy-Vee logo


  • Positions available: Positions vary by location[6]
  • Average hourly pay: $9[6]
  • Other information: The minimum age to work at Hy-Vee is 16 at the majority of stores.[6] However, corporate customer service verified that since stores are independently operated, they are able to set their own policy. Some may hire as young as 14, but you will need to inquire with your local store.
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Giant Eagle logo

Giant Eagle

  • Positions available: Cashier, parking lot attendant, customer service, courtesy clerk, stock clerk, fuel station attendant[7]
  • Average hourly pay: $8[7]
  • Other information: While some locations hire employees as young as 14 years old,[7] each Giant Eagle location has its own minimum age requirement. Be sure to call your local store for verification.
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Harveys logo


  • Positions available: Bagger, cashier associate, grocery associate[8]
  • Average hourly pay: $8 to $9[8]
  • Other information: The minimum age to work at Harveys is usually 18, but can be lower at certain locations.[8] Check with your local store for specific positions available to 15-year-olds, as they vary by location.
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Kroger logo


  • Positions available: Cashier, bagger, grocery clerk, produce clerk, meat clerk, deli clerk, and bakery clerk[9]
  • Average hourly pay: $8[9]
  • Other information: The minimum age to work at Kroger is 14 at some locations.[9] Contact the store nearest you to verify the minimum hiring age at that location.
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King Soopers logo

King Soopers

  • Positions available: Courtesy clerk[10]
  • Average hourly pay: $8[10]
  • Other information: Kroger owns King Soopers, and the minimum age requirements for clerk positions are similar.[10]
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Winn-Dixie logo


  • Positions available: Bagger[11]
  • Average hourly pay: $8[11]
  • Other information: The minimum age to work at Winn-Dixie is generally 18, but some locations hire employees as young as 15 for certain positions.[11] You can check with your local store for specific positions available to 15-year-olds.
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If you’d prefer something other than a grocery store, take a look at our list of restaurants, amusement parks, and theaters that hire at 15.

If you want to wait until you’re 16 to get more employment opportunities, we also have the list of stores that hire at 16.

Retail Stores that Don’t Hire at 15

The following stores do not hire 15-year-olds for any positions in their stores. Most of these stores have a minimum hiring age of 16 or 18 years old.

Other Jobs You Can Work at 15

In addition to retail positions, there are a few other types of jobs you can work as a 15-year-old, including:

  • Intellectual/creative positions like tutoring, acting, performing, singing
  • Most office and administrative/clerical jobs
  • Some food service jobs, including preparation of food and beverages, limited cooking positions, and cleaning, when performed in areas physically separate from a freezer or meat cooler
  • Lifeguard positions and swimming instructor jobs, if properly certified
  • Errand and delivery jobs by foot, bicycle, or public transportation
  • Cleaning and yard work, not including the use of power-driven mowers, cutters, trimmers, edgers, or similar equipment
  • Loading or unloading objects for use at a worksite including rakes, hand-held clippers, and shovels;
  • Limited tasks in sawmills and wood shops, with proper regulations

You can find out more about specific jobs that 15 years old may perform through the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations §570.34.

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