Hertz Credit Check Policy: Minimum Score, Denial Policy Explained

Credit checks are often required when you apply for credit cards, loans, or other forms of financing, and rental car companies also commonly conduct credit checks before they approve reservations. Below, we have the details about Hertz’s credit check policy, including information about when a credit check is required and if there is a minimum score requirement to make a reservation.

Does Hertz Run a Credit Check for Car Rentals?

Hertz doesn’t require a credit check if you use a credit card for your car rental. However, if you rent a car using a debit card, you will be subject to the Hertz rental credit check.[1] Hertz checks your credit through Equifax, one of the three primary credit reporting bureaus, and it does a “hard pull,” which can reduce your credit score by a few points.[2] Hard credit pulls can continue to affect your credit score for up to six months.

It’s important to note that you can’t use a debit card to prepay for a Hertz reservation online. The company only performs a credit check if you use a debit card to rent a car directly from a rental office (airport or non-airport locations), or if you reserve a rental car online without prepaying.[1]

If you don’t want to see your score drop slightly as a result of a credit check, you can check out our list of rental car companies that don’t require credit checks.

Minimum Score Requirement

Hertz doesn’t have a specific credit score required to pass its credit check.[2] Customers have reported being approved for the credit check with Equifax scores in the low 600s, and some customers with bankruptcies on their credit reports also report being approved for Hertz rentals.

Hertz bases its credit decisions on a number of factors beyond a renter’s credit score, including whether or not there are any delinquent credit accounts on the renter’s record.[2] If you have a delinquent account during the last three years, it’s more likely that your Hertz credit check will be denied.

What If Your Hertz Credit Check Is Declined?

If your Hertz credit check is denied, you still have a few options for renting a car from Hertz. The easiest solution is to use a credit card — if you have one — instead of a debit card, as credit card reservations and rentals aren’t subject to a credit check. (Since you’ve been approved for a credit card with a line of credit large enough to make a rental car reservation, Hertz assumes you’ll be financially able to pay for the rental.)

You can also use cash to rent a car from Hertz with no credit check required. For cash rentals, you’ll need to apply for a Cash Deposit ID card in person at a Hertz location. You must provide a valid driver’s license and a non-refundable $15 processing fee. Approval for a Cash Deposit ID card takes around 30 days, but once approved, you can use the card for cash rentals at any Hertz location.[1]

How to Rent a Car From Hertz

Whether you’re renting with a credit card, debit card, or cash, Hertz requires a $200 security deposit (as previously reported). If you’re using a debit or credit card, these funds will be unavailable in your account until after you return your rental car and the deposit is refunded.

At the time of rental, Hertz charges the entire estimated amount of the rental period plus the deposit to your debit or credit card, or it requires the full amount in cash. You can rent a car directly from any Hertz location or reserve a rental online, or you can call customer service at (800) 654-3131. If you reserve your rental with a credit card to avoid a credit check, you can use a debit card or cash to pay the rental charges when you return the vehicle.

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