Where to Buy Walmart Gift Cards (Anywhere Besides Walmart?): Solved

"Everday Low Price" sign inside of a Walmart store

You can buy Walmart gift cards at Walmart stores and on its website.[1]

Having additional purchase options can make purchasing one more convenient by saving you a trip to the store or allowing you to combine online orders.

While you won’t find Walmart gift cards sold in-store by third-party retailers, there are a few online businesses that sell them.

Below, I have the list of places that sell Walmart gift cards, complete with what kind each one sells (physical or digital). I also share major businesses that don’t sell them, so you’re not left wondering.

There are no purchase or activation fees for Walmart gift cards.[2] If you order physical gift cards online through Walmart, delivery is also free.[3]

The List

The following online businesses sell Walmart gift cards. I ordered the list beginning with your overall best options regarding gift card availability and discounts.

Keep in mind that you will need to create an account to purchase gift cards from these sites.

Gift Card Granny

  • Physical or digital gift cards? Digital gift cards[4]
  • Shop


  • Physical or digital gift cards? Digital gift cards[5]
  • Shop

Note that CardCash is an online gift card resale marketplace.[6] It offers Walmart gift cards discounted by 0.5% to 1.5%.[5]


  • Physical or digital gift cards? Generally both; varies by availability[7]
  • Shop

Note that because eBay is a resale marketplace, you should always check seller reviews and read item descriptions thoroughly when making a purchase.

Places That Don’t Sell Walmart Gift Cards

The following businesses don’t sell Walmart gift cards.

I confirmed this by contacting customer service representatives and reviewing their websites.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond[8]
  • Best Buy[9]
  • Costco[10]
  • CVS[11]
  • GiftCardMall.com[12]
  • GiftCards.com[13]
  • Kohl’s[14]
  • Sam’s Club (While you can use a Sam’s Club gift card at Walmart, Sam’s Club does not sell Walmart gift cards.)[15][2]
  • Target[16]
  • Walgreens[17]
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