What is the cash back limit at Walmart using various payment methods?

Cash back, sometimes known as “cash over” or simply “cashback”, means stores will give you cash back when you check out. It’s a well-loved method of getting quick cash because it means not having to find an ATM and potentially pay a fee. Stores never charge customers who want cash back. In this article, we’re looking at how cash back works at Walmart.

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  • What’s the Cash Back Limit at Walmart?

  • Can You Get Cash Back with a Debit Card at Walmart?

  • Can You Get Cash Back with a Credit Card at Walmart?

  • Can You Get Cash Back at Walmart Using a Check?

  • What’s the Cash Back Limit at Walmart?

  • How Else Can I Get Cash at Walmart?

  • Similar Stores That Offer Cash Back

What’s the Cash Back Limit at Walmart?

The cash back limit is imposed by your card! This means you can get $100 cash back at Walmart per transaction (which, again, may vary by Walmart location), but you can make multiple transactions until your card shuts you off. Getting $500+ cash back is entirely possible with five separate transactions, for instance.

You’ll also be limited by how much you have in your account (although if you have an arranged overdraft you’ll be able to get cash back even if it takes you into that).

You’ll also be limited by exactly how much cash in in the register. You may have to go to a different register to keep withdrawing cash.

For more details on withdrawing larger sums of money, check out our post about how much cash you can get from an ATM.

How to Get Cash Back at Walmart Using a Debit Card

Getting cash back with a debit card is simple.

  1. Take your purchase (which can be as small as a pack of gum, providing there is no minimum payment necessary to use your debit card – which is rare) to the cash register at Walmart. Most self-checkouts allow for cash back however certain locations have self-checkout machines that do not offer this option. The only way to know for certain if you can get cash back using the a self-checkout lane at a certain Walmart is to call ahead or give it a try. For the guaranteed method, go to a human checkout lane.
  2. Swipe your card and the card reader machine will ask if you’d like cash back
  3. You’ll pay pay for your purchase and the cash back in one transaction (i.e. $0.60 plus $60 cash back means your card will be charged $60.60)
  4. The extra $60 will given to you in cash (you choose the denomination of the bills)
  5. Your bank account will be debited the full amount

How to Get Cash Back at Walmart Using a Credit Card

As credit cards are usually not designed for cash withdrawals, you won’t normally find this option when swiping them in-store. And if they do, most charge a cash-advance fee which begins accruing interest right away. This is a very expensive option and typically far more expensive than just paying an ATM fee.

But if your credit card does allow cash withdrawals, it’ll work in the exact same way as with a debit card (see above).

One such credit card that does allow you to get cash back (and at no extra cost!) is with Discover. Using a Discover card, you can get cash back at tons of stores: Walmart, Sam’s Club, Albertson’s, Kroger, Dollar General, Food Lion, ShopRite, etc (see complete list below). Again, there are no additional fees when getting cash back with this card.

How to Get Cash Back Using a Check

To get cash back when paying by check, you simply need to write your check for the amount of your purchase + the amount of cash back you’d like up to $20. You cannot get more than $20 in cash back using a check at Walmart. To get more cash back, you either need to break up your purchase into multiple transactions and get $20 back with each purchase or you need to use a different payment method.

What’s the Cash Back Limit at Walmart?

There is a maximum cash back limit at Walmart of $100 while using a debit or credit card. For checks, the cash back limit is $20. (Note that it’s technically up to individual Walmart stores to set the policy for cash back limits, so the restrictions may be different at your local store. We recommend asking a cashier about the maximum cash back limit at that location to be certain.)

This can be issued in multiples of $20 — meaning you can get either $20, $40, $60, $80 or $100 per transaction. If you need more than $100 in cash back at Walmart, make separate transactions. The only problem you may run into is hitting your credit limit or hitting your debit card transaction limit for the day.

How Else Can I Get Cash at Walmart?

Besides using an in-store ATM, you can always get cash at the Customer Service desk. A fee of $3 is applied to get cash up to and including $1,000. The fee goes up to $6 if you want over $1,000 but $5,000 is the maximum. Although this method has a cost associated, it is easier and faster than making multiple transactions get get more than $100 in cash back. Though at these rates, you may just as well use an ATM.

Similar Stores That Offer Cash Back

Yes! It works virtually the same at most major retailers and even some smaller ones. The amount you can receive will be different – sometimes more, sometimes less than Walmart. Some places will even let you withdraw in other multiples of cash, not just $20 increments. Here are similar stores that offer cash back:

  1. Vons
  2. Village Super Market
  3. Food Lion
  4. Marianos
  5. JayC
  6. Glen’s Markets
  7. Giant Eagle
  8. Quality Food Centers
  9. Turkey Hill
  10. Walmart
  11. Food 4 Less
  12. Big Y
  13. Pavilions
  14. Fred Meyer
  15. Dollar General
  16. Smith’s
  17. Cub Foods
  18. Meijer
  19. Heinen’s
  20. Shaw’s & Star
  21. D&W Fresh Market
  22. Harveys
  23. Pay Less
  24. ACME
  25. Metro Market
  26. Albertson’s
  27. Gelson’s
  28. Hannaford
  29. Dillons
  30. Winn-Dixie
  31. Hornbacher’s
  32. Spartan Stores
  33. Kroger
  34. Sam’s Club
  35. Save-a-Lot
  36. Haggen
  37. Walgreens
  38. Bristol Farms
  39. Baker’s IGA
  40. Rainbow
  41. Ralphs
  42. SuperValu
  43. Tom Thumb
  44. Army & Air Force Exchange Service
  45. Rosauers
  46. Family Fare Supermarkets
  47. GetGo
  48. Shop ‘n Save
  49. Giant-Landover
  50. Fry’s Food Stores
  51. Owen’s
  52. Super One Foods
  53. Jewel-Osco
  54. Safeway
  55. Pick n Save
  56. Randalls
  57. Shoppers
  58. Gerbes
  59. Jerry’s
  60. ShopRite
  61. Coborn’s
  62. Casey’s General Store
  63. Farm Fresh
  64. Bi-Lo
  65. Carrs
  66. Schnucks
  67. King Soopers
  68. Copps

For a full list, please see this article.

In Summary

The cash back limit at Walmart is $100. To get more than $100, simply purchase your items with separate transactions. Can you get cash back with a credit card at Walmart? With a Discover card, yes. But most cards don’t allow cash back. Can you get cash back with a debit card at Walmart? Yes. Just remember to watch out for maximum cash withdrawal limits your bank imposes. Can you get cash back with a check at Walmart? Yes. Getting cash back at Walmart is a great idea – more people should take advantage.